Israeli Software Platform Becomes The First Platform That Can Detect And Prevent Public Transport Disruption In Real-Time

Amid the UK facing severe disruption to public transport, today, Optibus, the Israeli, AI-powered, end-to-end software platform for public transportation planning and management, introduced Operations, the first real-time solution for public transportation depot operations and the newest product in Optibus’ platform, seeking to address all public transportation planning needs.

Operations enables agencies and operators across the industry to detect and prevent service disruptions resulting from driver staffing and vehicle challenges, faster and smarter than ever, ensuring services roll out smoothly for passengers and drivers alike.

It takes a significant amount of time to plan a public transportation network. Yet, even the most well-designed services can unravel in seconds as the result of the unexpected, be it a driver who calls out for their shift or a late departure from the depot that disrupts on-time performance.

Driver shortages in particular have caused major service delays and cancellations worldwide, with some cities seeing 10-20% of services on some lines canceled due to driver call outs alone. The ability to smoothly and quickly handle disruptions at the depot is key to good services and good business.

For every late or absent bus is a person who cannot arrive at work, school, or elsewhere, on time or at all, and operators and agencies can be fined hundreds of dollars for each missed trip.



Using cloud computing and open data, Operations improves driver and vehicle allocation by detecting potential depot disruptions in real time, dispatching automatic alerts to operators, and suggesting ways to resolve challenges.

For example, if a driver calls out, is late, or at risk of arriving late, Optibus Operations can suggest the best replacement driver, based on compatibility, compliance, and cost. In line with Optibus’ vision for planning and operations, Operations integrates with and syncs incoming data from other Optibus products and integrates with external operational data systems (for HR, payroll, fleet management, and more).

By unifying driver and vehicle data, enabling real-time, flexible payroll capabilities, and supporting long-term planning, Operations seeks to create a more efficient and reliable experience for passengers and drivers.

“Our new Operations product is the digital command center for tackling public transportation challenges as they unfold, with agility and speed,” said Amos Haggiag, Tel Aviv-based Optibus CEO and co-founder. “The technology behind the Operations product empowers the public transportation industry to deliver quality, reliable services that increase ridership, take pressure off drivers, and ensure compliance.”