Startup Of The Week: Jumpstart

  • Jumpstart is a UK start-up graduate program, connecting aspiring graduates with innovative start-ups.
  • Jumpstart addresses the challenges and difficulties that graduates face in entering the start-up world.
  • Jumpstart selects and trains the top 10 graduates monthly, helping them secure positions in exciting start-ups. They offer ongoing mentorship and support to graduates and serve as an outsourced HR function for start-ups, streamlining their hiring process.





What is Jumpstart?


Jumpstart is a pioneering start-up graduate program in the UK. Monthly, they carefully select and train the brightest graduates, choosing them from a pool of over 1000 applicants. Their mission is to bridge the gap between talented graduates and thriving start-ups, providing graduates with unparalleled learning opportunities and start-ups with access to exceptional, diverse, and trained talent.

The founders were inspired to start Jumpstart when they noticed the lack of alternative career paths for graduates beyond traditional corporate graduate schemes. Graduates are often encouraged to pursue positions in big professional services companies, but the start-up world offers unique learning experiences and early responsibility that remain largely unexplored.

Jumpstart was launched during lockdown to offer structure and support to graduates facing delayed or cancelled corporate job offers or remote work challenges. They aim to build trust and credibility among graduates and start-ups, fostering a thriving ecosystem for both.


“My co-founder (Kabir Bali) and I have always felt slightly disenchanted by the lack of alternative career paths outside of big corporate graduate schemes. Everyone encourages graduates to apply for big professional services companies, but no one tells them that start-ups can offer unparalleled learning opportunities and exciting responsibility early on.”

– Matthew Sarre, Co-Founder at Jumpstart



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Is there a Market for A Start-up Focused Grad-Recruitment Company?


The market for Jumpstart is substantial. In the UK, thousands of graduates seek meaningful employment opportunities each year. Simultaneously, start-ups are hungry for diverse, talented individuals who can drive innovation.

Jumpstart’s success is proven by the massive demand for alternative career paths and streamlined hiring solutions within the start-up ecosystem.


Where Can You Find Jumpstart?


Are you a graduate looking for exciting opportunities or a start-up in need of exceptional talent? Visit their website at to explore the possibilities.


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