Startup Of The Week: Kokoon

  • Kokoon specialises in sleep solutions, offering science-backed sleep-monitoring headphones and accessories.
  • Kokoon addresses individual sleep needs, recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for better sleep and relaxation.
  • Key Products include:
    • Nightbuds: Comfortable sleep-monitoring earbuds designed for side sleepers, offering adaptive audio and sleep data insights.
    • Kokoon App: A comprehensive sleep app that pairs with Nightbuds, allowing users to customise their sleep experience with audio options and monitoring features.
    • Nest Pillow: A temperature-regulating pillow made from natural materials, offering customisable firmness for a comfortable night’s sleep.




Kokoon Sleep Headphones (Designed for Ultimate Comfort) | Kokoon


What is Kokoon:

Kokoon is the ultimate sleep companion, revolutionising the way you rest and relax. They understand that achieving quality sleep is deeply personal, which is why they offer tailored solutions. Their innovative Nightbuds, equipped with sleep-monitoring sensors, seamlessly integrate with the Kokoon app, creating a unique sleep experience.

As you drift off, their smart fade-out technology adjusts your audio and introduces soothing white noise to mask disturbances, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.



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Is There A Market for Sleep Solutions?


The demand for sleep solutions is on the rise, with millions seeking ways to improve their sleep quality. Studies show that sleep disorders affect a significant portion of the population, emphasising the need for effective solutions.

Kokoon’s innovative approach, integrating comfortable wearables with intelligent technology, fills a crucial gap in the market. Their products are designed based on scientific research and user preferences, ensuring a holistic approach to sleep enhancement. With an increasing focus on well-being and mental health, the market for sleep solutions continues to expand, making Kokoon the ideal choice for those seeking personalised and effective sleep solutions.


“Your sleep is unique, as is your path to better sleep. Kokoon uses innovative sleep-monitoring technology via a superior sensor placement in the ear to enhance your sleep, night after night.”

– Dr Simon Merritt, Chief Medical Officer, Kokoon Technology


What Products Does Kokoon have?

Kokoon offers a range of cutting-edge sleep solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Nightbuds: These comfortable, smart sleep-monitoring earbuds are perfect for side sleepers. They offer adaptive audio and sleep data insights, providing a personalised sleep experience.


  • Kokoon App: The Kokoon app pairs seamlessly with Nightbuds, allowing you to customise your sleep audio. It also provides in-depth sleep monitoring and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about your sleep habits.


  • Nest Pillow: Experience unparalleled comfort with our Nest Pillow. Made from premium natural materials, this pillow features active temperature regulation technology and customisable firmness, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.


Where Can Tou find Kokoon?

Visit their website and explore our range of sleep-enhancing products here: