Startup Of The Week: Nosh

  • Nosh is a tech-driven company on a mission to minimise food waste by tracking the expiry/use-by dates of food products.
  • It aims to address the global problem of food waste by helping consumers manage their food more effectively, preventing unnecessary waste and spoilage.
  • Real-time tracking of product expiry dates with colour coding, an integrated shopping list feature, and the ‘nosh shop’ for buying and selling discounted food means consumers can cut down on food waste, all from one centralised app.




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What is Nosh?


Nosh is an app designed to combat food waste by allowing users to track the expiry and use-by dates of their food items.

It uses colour coding to categorise products based on their freshness and integrates a shopping list to ensure you only buy what you need.

With features like recipe suggestions based on what you have and the ability to buy or sell discounted food, Nosh aims to make reducing food waste an easy and efficient process.


What Makes Nosh Unique?


What sets Nosh apart is its comprehensive approach to tackling food waste.

Beyond just tracking expiry dates, it empowers users to make informed decisions about their food consumption. The app’s integrated shopping list and inventory system work together to prevent unnecessary over-buying – reducing the amount of food that goes to waste.

Additionally, the ‘nosh shop’ feature allows users to buy food at discounted rates whilst also contributing to feeding the hungry, showcasing Nosh’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.



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Is There A Market for Food Expiry Date Management Systems?


The market for food expiry date management systems like Nosh is growing, driven by a growing consumer awareness about food waste and its negative environmental impact.

Globally, about one-third of all food produced is wasted, contributing to unnecessary CO2 emissions and economic loss. With Nosh, over 593,357 food items have been saved, along with a reduction of 295.20 tons of CO2 emissions, showing positive impact that these technologies can have.

In a world where consumers are becoming more conscious of sustainability and looking for ways to minimise waste, apps like Nosh are leading the way.

These platforms are an important response to the urgent need for solutions that support the Zero Waste movement and contribute to the planet’s sustainability. By providing a tool that helps manage food and reduces waste, Nosh taps into a critical and expanding market.


What Sets Nosh Apart From Its Competitors?


Nosh stands out for its 360 approach to food management and sustainability.

Unlike basic expiry date trackers, Nosh brings together shopping and inventory management that also allows for discounted food sales and donations.

Its blend of technology, social mission, and environmental advocacy makes Nosh a leader in the fight against food waste.


Where Can You Find Nosh?


Visit their website for more information.