Startup Of The Week: Pot Gang

  • Pot Gang, established during lockdown by Sam Smith, offers monthly subscription boxes containing everything needed to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs at home, targeting beginners and those seeking guidance in gardening.
  • The challenge of starting a home garden – from selecting what to grow to obtaining the necessary materials and know-how.
  • Monthly subscription boxes with seasonal seeds, pots, compost, and beginner-friendly guides. The service also includes WhatsApp support for personalised guidance and now has a community of 45,000 growers.






What is Pot Gang?


Pot Gang was born out of the lockdown experience of its founder, Sam, who faced difficulties in starting a home garden.

To address this, Pot Gang provides comprehensive monthly boxes that equip customers with all the essentials for growing their own fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

These boxes are designed to simplify the gardening process, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their experience level.


What Makes Pot Gang Unique?


Pot Gang stands out in the gardening world for its beginner-friendly approach and strong support system. The key is its simplicity and supportiveness, evident in its clear, detailed guides and the unique feature of WhatsApp support, where customers can get direct advice from the Gang Manager, Tom.

This personal touch, combined with the convenience of having everything needed delivered in one box, sets Pot Gang apart from traditional gardening methods and kits.


Is There a Market For Home Gardening Kits?


The home gardening kit market is flourishing, especially after the lockdown period which saw a surge in interest in home gardening.

With over 45,000 growers already engaged, Pot Gang taps into this growing market by addressing common barriers faced by beginners. The need for convenient, simple solutions in urban settings where space is limited, like balconies or windowsills, is a significant driver. The trend towards sustainable living and wellness also boosts the demand for such products.

Pot Gang’s collaboration with well-known brands and involvement in events like Earth Day highlights the broad appeal and relevance of home gardening. This market is not just a niche hobby; it’s a lifestyle choice increasingly embraced for its health, environmental, and therapeutic benefits.


What Sets Pot Gang Apart From Its Competitors?


Pot Gang distinguishes itself through its personalised support and user-friendly approach. Unlike other gardening services, Pot Gang offers a unique blend of practical tools and real-time assistance, making gardening accessible to beginners and those seeking a hands-on approach.

Their focus on creating a supportive community through platforms like WhatsApp and social media adds an extra layer of engagement and assistance, setting them apart in a market filled with generic gardening kits.


Where Can You Find Pot Gang?


Head over to Pot Gang’s Website to subscribe to their monthly boxes. Follow them on Instagram for how-to videos and gardening tips. And if you have any ideas or requests for what you’d like to grow, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].