Startup Of The Week: Wondrwall

  • Wondrwall is a smart home management system, helping people make their homes more energy-efficient through convenience.
  • The company is helping homes manage the cost of energy by pinpointing any inefficiencies through data monitoring.
  • Their product lineup includes smart thermostats, high-capacity batteries, solar panels and infrared heating panels, which can all be integrated into a single home’s systems.





What Is Wondrwall?


Wondrwall is a home technology company founded in 2013, focused on helping people manage their energy consumption at home.

They develop a range of systems that adapt based on a household’s routine. This includes adjusting heating, ensuring lights are off and even includes the option to purchase solar panels to reduce energy costs.

Through their self-learning technology, Wondr is able to sense the movements of people in the house. This means that it can adjust the temperature automatically during certain times of the day, and ensure all lights are turned off to conserve as much energy as possible.

Through a combination of offering sustainable power technologies like solar panels and battery storage and an energy management app, Wondrwall is making homes more efficient one step at a time.


What Makes Wondrwall Unique?


Wondrwall’s technology sets itself apart by offering an entirely personalised home operation system that adapts based on the residents’ lifestyles. This mix of AI with smart home devices like smart switches and thermostats mean homeowners can be more hands off with energy conservation.

Wondrwall’s device is able to understand and adapt based on movements and adjustments made on these smart devices. For example, if a person usually turns the heating up at 5pm when they are home, or gets up at 8am, the system can adjust to ensure maximum comfort and minimise energy wastage.

In addition to this, users are able to control the settings and see the savings from their phones, making it both convenient and user friendly.



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Is There A Market For Smart Home Energy Solutions?


As technology gets more advanced, people are looking for easy and efficient ways to manage all aspects of their lives – including energy consumption.

Start technologies are integrating themselves into all areas of our lives, and our homes are at the centre of this. Providing consumers with easy and convenient ways to control and manage their homes can only be a good strategy in the long-term.

This convenience, combined with the rising cost of energy, means Wondrwall is perfectly positioned to make a difference in people’s homes by decreasing their carbon footprint and boosting renewable energy resources.

Wondrwall claim that their solar panels and battery systems can help people achieve up to 90% savings on energy bills. The ability to create one’s own home energy, combined with the ability to sell this energy back to the grid is not only a way to save costs but also earn money, making it an appealing proposition.


Where Can You Find Wondrwall?


Find Wondrwall at their website