Startup Of The Week: Split My Fare

  • Split My Fare is a UK-based startup founded by childhood friends Tobias Biberbach and Pete Walls. It focuses on making rail travel more affordable for passengers.
  • The startup addresses the problem of exorbitant rail ticket prices in the UK, enabling people and families to travel who might otherwise find it financially challenging. This becomes particularly crucial in times of rising living costs.
  •  Split My Fare’s platform employs split ticketing, breaking journeys into separate tickets while passengers stay on the same train. On average, customers save 26% on their daily tickets, with potential savings of over 90%. The company aims to mainstream split ticketing and ensure all train passengers are aware of this cost-effective option.




What is Split My Fare?

Split My Fare, founded by lifelong friends Tobias Biberbach and Pete Walls, is on a mission to tackle the soaring costs of rail travel in the UK. In a time when train ticket prices are squeezing household budgets, Split My Fare offers a lifeline to passengers.

The startup employs a smart solution known as split ticketing. This technique involves dividing journeys into separate tickets while passengers remain on the same train. The result? Substantial savings. On average, customers enjoy a 26% reduction in their daily ticket expenses, and some can even slash their costs by over 90%. This innovation is about making affordable travel accessible to all.

Split My Fare stands out for its commitment to user experience. Unlike other split ticketing platforms with clunky interfaces, Split My Fare provides a smooth and hassle-free booking process. They’ve invested in developing a user-friendly website and are now launching a mobile app for even quicker and more convenient bookings.

In a world where the affordability of train travel is more critical than ever, Split My Fare is dedicated to increasing awareness of split ticketing and ensuring passengers get the cheapest fares available.


“Split ticketing still isn’t fully mainstream with many passengers unaware of the cheaper train tickets they are missing out on. Especially in this cost of living crisis our aim of increasing awareness of split ticketing is stronger than ever.” –

Pete Walls, Co-Founder at Affordable Rail Ticket App: Split My Fare



Is There a Market for Split Ticketing?


The UK’s rail passengers have long grappled with the financial strain of expensive train tickets. With the rising cost of living, this issue has become more pronounced. Split My Fare steps into this market gap with a unique solution.

Statistics show that, on average, Split My Fare customers save 26% on their daily train tickets, and in some cases, the savings exceed a remarkable 90%. This demonstrates the significant market potential for affordable rail travel.

Moreover, Split My Fare outperforms competitors like the Trainline on price for ten popular train routes, making it a compelling choice for cost-conscious travelers.

As the cost of living crisis intensifies, the need for accessible travel options grows. Split My Fare’s mission to mainstream split ticketing aligns perfectly with the market’s demand for affordable train journeys.


Where Can You Find Split My Fare?


To access Split My Fare’s cost-saving services and embark on your journey to more affordable rail travel, visit their website at