Startup Of The Week: Whitebox

  • Whitebox Cocktails is one of the fastest growing independent cocktail brands in the UK and one of the first bartender-owned producers of ready-to-serve cocktails, including the award-winning Pocket Negroni and Freezer Martini.
  • Whitebox is on a mission to become the global leader of classic ready-to-serve cocktails, enabling customers to enjoy world-class cocktails anytime, anywhere.
  • In 2022, Whitebox Cocktails grew UK distribution from 60 to over 700 independent outlets, and launched in the US, achieving 400% sales growth in the first 6 months of trading. The brand will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs on  on Tuesday 13th June. Find out more at




Whitebox | Tiny Tee's Dirty Martini | 34.6% 100ml Can

What is Whitebox?


Whitebox produces single serve classic cocktails so that you can enjoy a world class cocktail in a few seconds, wherever you are. Based on the ethos that ready-to serve cocktails can be truly excellent, Whitebox have utilised decades of collective experience in the industry and the knowledge gained from running the world’s top cocktail bars to set up a bespoke production facility to produce our single serve, classic cocktails.


Why was the company started?


Whitebox asked themselves: Why should you seek out the best cocktails in the world’s top bars, but have to settle for bad replicas at home? Their team have been serving cocktails in the world’s top bars for the last 14 years and they believe that anyone should have access to the world of high quality cocktails. They also believed that time was right for classic cocktails to venture out from behind the worlds top bars and into other occasions and settings like the home, picnics, cinemas and any other moment that might be improved by a world class cocktail.


Is there a market for ready-to-serve, classic cocktails?


“Classic cocktails have been around for over 200 years, and our team has been serving them from behind the bar for the past 14 years. We know that the demand for these cocktails in the bar setting exists, however no company has actually managed to take all of the elements that people love about cocktails and successfully bring those to the ready to serve market. That’s what we’re doing at Whitebox and we’ve grown from 60 to over 700 outlets in 2022 along with a 400% growth in our first 6 months trading in the US

 – Ben Iravani, Co-Founder of Whitebox

“Wherever you are, look in your nearest store. You’ll see formulaic brands doing cocktails by numbers. We are doing the opposite. Each cocktail is unique and excellent, and the passion we have for making excellent drinks comes through in every detail.” 

–  Alex Lawrence, Co-Founder of Whitebox


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What products do Whitebox Cocktails have?


Pocket Negroni

The OG Whitebox cocktail. This bittersweet Italian classic is made of one part Porter’s Gin, one part sweet vermouth and one part bitter aperitif.


Tiny Tee’s Dirty Martini

The OG umami cocktail, this savoury classic is comprised of Vodka, dry vermouth and then “dirtied” with olive brine.


Freezer Martini

A classic martini designed for the freezer, enabling you to have a consistent, well-balanced,  ice cold martini within seconds.


Squeezy’s Margarita

Squeezy’s is an homage to the classic margarita. A bright, tangy and sour cocktail from Mexico made with fresh lime, tequila and triple sec.


Chipper’s Old Fashioned

A classic Old Fashioned cocktail, with the addition of cherry wood bitters, made by infusing cocktail bitters with whisky and pure cherry wood.  The result is an indulgent combination of oak, spice and sweetness.


Classic Cosmo

This classic party cocktail is vodka-based with cranberry, lime and triple sec. The result is a mix of ingredients that is more delicious than the sum of its parts.


Pret à Boire Boulevardier

Cocktail connoisseurs will love this rich, complex, and indulgent classic. Bourbon Whisky, Italian bitter aperitif, sweet vermouth and orange zest make this the Negroni’s darker, moodier cousin.


Whisky Highball

This classic whisky cocktail is a dry, refreshing and malty mix whisky elevated with a touch of peach and black tea, giving it a fine crisp finish.


Disco Baby

A vodka soda cocktail elevated with natural watermelon and subtle herbaceous notes. Light, bright and great for discos, this recipe was created in collaboration with acclaimed cocktail bar Three Sheets.


Hippy Fizz

This fruity, funky tropical fizz is perfect when you want something refreshing and fizzy but also sophisticated, with a suitable level of complexity.