Startup Of The Year Announced!


This year, TechRound has profiled over 50 startups as part of our weekly Startup Of The Week series. These startups have spanned a variety of sectors, from logistics, to food, education and charity.

Startup Of The Week has predictably been one of our most-read slots, with thousands of people reading about the UK and Europe’s most innovative companies.

But this year, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to crown one Startup Of The Year.

We looked at the back end of the site to find the 4 most-read and engaged with companies, and put it to social media for a vote. Well – the results are in and our official Startup Of The Year can be crowned.

Let us introduce you to Choco: a leading digital platform connecting restaurants and food suppliers.

Want to hear more? No problem. Let’s get into it.


  • Addressing global food waste, Choco helps reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain.
  • Choco’s app streamlines ordering, eliminating mistakes, and saving time for both restaurants and suppliers.





What is Choco?


Choco, founded in 2018 in Berlin, is the food industry’s premier ordering platform, bridging the gap between restaurants and suppliers globally. Their mission is simple: to reduce food waste on a global scale.

Through their innovative app, Choco digitises the food industry, providing real-time product availability, eliminating ordering errors, and saving valuable time.

Restaurants using the Choco app save an average of 1.27 kilos of food waste weekly, simultaneously enhancing kitchen efficiency.


“By helping streamline the global food supply chain, [we have] created a more efficient and sustainable process that empowers restaurants and suppliers to make every possible financial and process efficiency, improving margins and strengthening the digital food chain.”

– Daniel Khachab, CEO at Choco



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Is There a Market for A Food Waste Management Platform?


Food waste is a critical global issue, with 30-40% of produced food going to waste annually.

Waste is the third-largest driver of climate change. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest in carbon dioxide emissions on the planet.

Choco’s solution significantly contributes to the reduction of this waste, combating climate change and preserving our ecosystem. Choco’s rapid expansion, evident in its presence across multiple countries and a recent £20 million investment in the UK, showcases the market’s recognition of its impactful approach.

Choco’s valuation soaring to $1.2 billion in 2022 solidifies its position as a FoodTech Unicorn, underlining the market’s demand for efficient, sustainable food supply chain solutions.


Where Can You Find Choco?


Join the movement to reduce food waste and streamline the food supply chain by visiting their website here:


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