Tarian Technology Launches Cutting-Edge File Protection Software

A market-leading, multi-level file protection software has launched today to fully safeguard secret, sensitive or personal information contained in a document before it is shared with pre-approved intended audiences.

The new Need2Know software has been developed by cybersecurity solutions firm, Tarian Technology. It is a superior layer of encryption security, bedded into documents that work off DCS architecture principles, acting as an additional layer of armour to protect valuable information and a business’s intellectual property from theft or cyber espionage.

The Need2Know Software


Compared to current redaction software already available on the market, which is more easily reversed, this approach acts as a double layer of defence, fortifying overall network protection.

Need2Know enables security levels within a document to be significantly enhanced – if the document is not being read or edited, then it does not exist. Documents are brought together when needed and broken into encrypted pieces when stored on a company’s server by the Need2Know server application.

Keith Hughes, Managing Director at Tarian Technology says: “Need2Know is revolutionary in its ability to safeguard top secret, sensitive information. It’s more than just painting over words typically done through redaction tools.

“Our software makes content visible only to the eyes that it is intended for. Need2Know removes the need for expensive duplication of secure and encrypted files. The advantage our new software offers is that it’s a single source of truth, every time.”

Need2Know provides confidence in safeguarding secret, sensitive and confidential information and is a solution to multi-classification security across domains, which will be valuable for sectors including; medical and pharmaceutical, national security, military and businesses world over.

The software has been created for Microsoft Word documents on Windows PCs and will apply security classification at the level of words, figures, paragraphs and images (tifs). The company is working on developments across multiple applications including PowerPoint and Excel for roll out in the near future.

Tarian Technology is offering a free trial of the Need2Know software. To find out more, visit the website at https://tarian.tech.