Announced! Cybersecurity40 Winners 2023…

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our Cybersecurity40 Competition 2023!



TechRound is proud to announce our first-ever Cybersecurity40 winners, celebrating the U.K. and Europe’s most innovative cybersecurity companies and initiatives.

Are you new to the market? Are you disrupting your industry? Want to change the way people do things with your innovations? The Cybersecurity40 highlights the most exciting cybersecurity companies across the UK and Europe, showcasing the business to an engaged and fast-growing audience. 

TechRound is home to startups and tech, offering a place for investors, decision-makers and startups big and small to keep up to date on trends and developments within this fast-paced, booming industry. 


Feedback From The Judges


Cybersecurity is an increasingly important aspect in all of our lives, as more people become aware of the challenges and potential solutions. There are some wonderful companies in this space, doing some fabulous things and the innovation is clear to see. It’s been very insightful and interesting to see this so closely through this list. I’m sure many of these companies will go on to achieve amazing things in the cybersecurity space.

– David Soffer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at TechRound


“I was looking for a solution that meets a clear need and has wide application. There are a number that do that, but one stood out. All companies here deserve recognition for trying to make our lives safer and easier. They offer a variety of useful solutions, and at least 10 companies could have made the top spot.”

– Mark Brown, Founder at Psybersafe


What stood out most about the entrants was the diversity of the solutions covering every single area of cybersecurity. We’re all well aware of the risks that cyber threats pose to organisations and it’s good to see so many innovative companies looking to cover all bases, whether it be through AI, Zero Trust, testing, and beyond. Darktrace caught my eye due to the deep expertise that informs its technology as well as the breadth of its solutions that support businesses of all sizes. Not only are they utilising self-learning AI to identify and combat complex cyber threats, but they’ve got impressive plans to continue developing their offering to work side by side with cybersecurity professionals.”

– Oseloka Obiora, CTO & Co-Founder at RiverSafe


“Of all the competitions I’ve judged so far, this was one of the most difficult. With cybersecurity dominating headlines almost daily, it’s no wonder so much innovation is flooding the sector. The competition for this one was fierce, so a massive well done to every company featured”

– Dana Leigh, Editor at TechRound


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Thank You To Our Judges!


Mark Brown, Founder at Psybersafe

Mark’s passion is behavioural science. Mark set up Psybersafe in 2019, to address the gap in cyber security awareness training. Clients were looking for solutions and Mark and his team could not find training solutions that actually worked, so they created their own, based on behavioural science and psychology research. Psybersafe counts SMEs, banks and governments as clients.

Find out more about what Mark is looking for from entrants in his interview here.

Oseloka Obiora, CTO & Co-Founder at RiverSafe

Oseloka Obiora is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at RiverSafe, a cybersecurity professional services provider helping businesses create robust cyber infrastructures. Oseloka is a veteran of the cybersecurity industry, regularly appearing on Parliamentary panels advising on the cyber landscape, insider threats, and AI risks.

Working with an industry-leading team, RiverSafe helps major companies including Vodafone, Sky and BP to stay protected against evolving cyber threats.

Find out more about what Oseloka is looking for from entrants in his interview here.

dana leigh

Dana Leigh, Editor at TechRound

Since she began writing for TechRound, Dana has interviewed over 1,000 start-ups across a variety of sectors. Dana has taken a leading role in the team, reporting closely on stories relating to cybersecurity. As a judge, she is looking for start-ups making a genuine impact in the cybersecurity space.

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