Telegraph Test4Travel to Boost Tourism Economy

New research from the Telegraph suggests that Covid-19 tests upon arrival in the UK may save the UK tourism economy.

Telegraph Consumer Research

Telegraph Travel put together a survey to assess consumer attitudes towards travel in a post-coronavirus world. The research polled over 2000 respondents using a survey designed by AudienceNet and The PC Agency. Principally, they wanted to see consumers’ reaction to the recently implemented 14-day quarantine in the UK.

UK Quarantine

The UK quarantine decision was met with a lot of disappointment from Brits hoping for some summer sun. Currently, the list is over 160 countries long but is constantly changing. It is based on the number of coronavirus cases in the countries: if the country is above 20 cases per 100,000 people for more than seven days. For all countries on the quarantine list, travellers need to self-isolate for 14 days upon return. Passengers are requested to leave their details upon arrival and go straight home to quarantine alone for two weeks. The constant changing of the quarantine list has left many Brits stuck abroad or forced to miss work to quarantine.

What Travellers Want

The Telegraph survey showed that 62% of the population think that tests upon arrival at UK airports would be preferable to a 14-day quarantine. Over 50% would be happy to do the test even if they need to cover the cost. Nearly 75% of participants would opt for a two-part test, including a 5-day period of self-quarantine in between, over the 14-day quarantine. When asked about price, the majority of participants were comfortable paying around £40. 41% would pay up to £50 and 19% happy as much as £150 to avoid the quarantine.


Based on the results of the survey, Telegraph Travel launched Test4Travel, a campaign hoping to enforce Covid-19 tests upon arrival at all UK airports and ports. Subsequently, they hope that this will be an affordable scheme rolled out by Christmas. With no indication as to when the pandemic will end, they hope that this will solve long-term travel plans and reignite the travel industry. Additionally, with the constant addition of new countries on the quarantine list, the Telegraph describes the system as “unsustainable”. So far, the campaign is backed by health professionals, airport chiefs and MPs. With the support from the Telegraph poll, they hope that the campaign will gain traction and start the road to recovery for the tourism industry.