The Launch Of Reykjavik Science City

Inspiration is at the core of innovation where the right environment can foster growth and lead positive change. Creating a supportive environment where every member of the community feels engaged is a paramount goal for Iceland leading to the launch of a city catered towards learning, development and entrepreneurship.

Iceland, as a hub for new ideas, has increased its focus on the creations of the future by taking a leap and creating a space dedicated to learning. Rich in natural wonders, engaging communities and creative minds, Reykjavik has the potential to breed the talent and innovation we need to get through some of our biggest challenges.

Newly opened this year, Reykjavik Science City is microcosm of universities, long-established companies, startups and health care research and services. Acting as a foundation for education, innovation and sustainability, the city will attract many hopefuls looking to take advantage of the rich possibilities seen.

Students can enjoy world-class education at the two universities found near the city benefiting from the wealth of science and technological advancements seen here. Regularly ranked as one of the safest places to live, Iceland will also offer peace of mind to foster a truly inspiring environment.

Opportunities for work are also expanding where a talented and hungry workforce resides and will develop under the attraction of investors. Companies from a range of sectors have already found their place here.



Companies including those in life sciences such as Epiendo and Controlant; Fintech such as PayAnalitics,and Monerium; and Blue tech such as Ankeri and Nautic have found a warm welcome in the Reykjavik Science City.   

To truly create a city of innovation, Reykjavik has also released its economic and innovation policy acting as a guide for workers to drive positive change in the city.

These guidelines will place importance on innovation in all areas of work from creative industries to service to tech. The goal here is to realise the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by incorporating Iceland’s core values of inspiring its citizens to drive positive change and work towards a sustainable future.

Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor of Reykjavik shares: ‘We have the vision that Reykjavík Science City will be the center for innovation and research where an interesting city and a univeristy campus co-create a great meeting place of ideas, academia and business.

We want to attract investment and talent with a hospitable environment and an inviting city witch is safe and provides good education, from kindergarten to university level and competitive salaries. The site and location has the city center at its fingertips and outdoor swimming pools and quality neighbourhoods within reach.‘

A social and scientific haven is found in Reykjavik Science City attracting individuals and organisations to enjoy the opportunities found here. With the number of outstanding ideas to be implemented, investment in the city and all its wonders will make a great deal of difference, not just for Iceland, but for the world if undertaken on a large scale.