This Startup is Reshaping Pothole Repair Methods in The UK

The creation of ARRES PREVENT marks a leap in road maintenance technology. Developed by Robotiz3d in partnership with the University of Liverpool and Hertfordshire County Council, this autonomous AI-driven robotic system is designed to proactively address the persistent issue of potholes on the UK’s roads. ARRES PREVENT employs a cutting-edge blend of robotics, AI, and autonomous vehicles, heralding a transformative solution in road surface management.


Autonomous Crack Repair: A Game-Changer


ARRES PREVENT operates as a pioneering autonomous vehicle, making use of AI algorithms to detect and seal road surface cracks before they evolve into potholes. This innovative technology stands as the world’s first of its kind, addressing the nation’s staggering count of approximately 10 million potholes. By preventing the progression of cracks, it seeks to extend the lifespan of road infrastructure while delivering substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

Phil Bibby, overseeing Highways at Hertfordshire County Council, underscored the significance of this breakthrough technology, stating, “It could be exactly what we need to ensure our road network remains one of the best in the country.” The technology aims not just to repair but to proactively maintain road surfaces, curbing the disruptions caused to motorists due to neglected potholes.


Advancements in Tech Going Forward


The journey of ARRES PREVENT began in 2020 and has since evolved from conceptualization to functional prototypes. Innovate UK’s support through the SBRI Phase 1 programme propelled the project, attracting considerable commercial interest and collaboration with major maintenance firms. However, the focus remains on the final module, critical to the system’s full functionality — the software and hardware responsible for the precise micro-repair of cracks in road surfaces. This crucial element serves as the linchpin for transitioning ARRES PREVENT into a viable commercial proposition.


An Autonomous Solution for a Pothole-Free Future


Robotiz3d’s vision for ARRES PREVENT extends beyond mere crack repair. The technology embraces autonomy, versatility, and efficiency. Operating autonomously or via remote control, this battery-powered vehicle, comparable in size to a small van, patrols roads and executes preventive crack sealing round-the-clock. It records repair details, enhancing quality control, and offers remote access to real-time repair data—an unprecedented approach poised to revolutionize road surface management.


Road Defect Data Collection: Advancing Maintenance Strategies


Robotiz3d’s commitment to innovative road maintenance extends beyond pothole prevention. Through their patent-pending solution for automated pothole detection and repair prioritization, they’ve introduced a transformative approach to collecting highly accurate road defect data. This unique solution operates efficiently, collecting data while traveling at speeds of up to 60mph, scanning one lane at a time with a Field of View (FoV) reaching up to 3.0m. By providing depth information and volumetrics, this technology offers invaluable insights into defect identification and location, functional both day and night in varying weather conditions.


Unrivalled Insights with The Control Tower


A cornerstone of their innovations lies within “The Control Tower,” a comprehensive platform offering unrivaled road data mapping and insights. Providing a map view of road surface issues, it automatically classifies defect types and categorizes and prioritizes them based on severity. This feature goes a step further by furnishing detailed measurements (LxWxD) of defects. The Control Tower empowers informed decision-making in road maintenance, ensuring efficient and effective prioritization of repair work.


Autonomous Solutions Beyond Potholes


Robotiz3d continues to pave the way for the future of road maintenance by developing an autonomous vehicle capable of detecting and sealing road surface cracks while repairing potholes. This pioneering solution, currently in development, is set to revolutionize the approach to road repair. Operating driverlessly or via remote control, this battery-powered vehicle maneuvers roads, autonomously identifying and rectifying cracks and potholes.

The vehicle streamlines repair processes from site preparation to filling and compacting, minimizing human intervention. Its ability to operate day or night, unaffected by lighting conditions, coupled with remote data access in near real-time, presents a transformative shift in road maintenance strategies. As this innovation progresses, it promises a future where roads are not just repaired but actively preserved, setting new standards in road infrastructure longevity and efficiency.

These innovations represent Robotiz3d’s dedication to creating comprehensive solutions that transcend traditional road maintenance, promising a future where technology seamlessly supports and advances infrastructure upkeep.