Train Strikes May 2024: Startups Helping Navigate Upcoming Train Strikes

Train strikes are set to occur in May 2024, which will cause significant disruptions to the travel plans of many commuters and affect transportation options. The strikes are scheduled to take place from 7 to 9 May across various rail lines. To minimise inconvenience, travellers are advised to check their routes in advance and consider alternative transportation options.

Technology advancements are changing the way we travel by offering alternatives to train travel. These tech-driven solutions aim to provide convenience and flexibility, enabling individuals to adapt more easily to changing travel conditions.

As the transportation industry evolves, startups are taking the opportunity to address the challenges posed by events like train strikes, providing commuters with alternative means of reaching their destinations efficiently.


Train Strikes: What To Expect


As reported by Sky News, train strikes are expected to take place in May 2024, affecting several rail lines across the UK. Members of the Aslef union at 16 rail companies are preparing to go on strike on different days from 7 May to 9 May. There will also be a ban on overtime work from 6 May to 11 May.


Dates And Rail Companies Affected By Strikes:


During the overtime ban period, from 6 May to 11 May, some services may be reduced or not running at all due to drivers refusing to work their rest days. Therefore, it is recommended that travellers check before their journeys as some areas may experience service disruptions.


Tuesday 7 May:

c2c, Greater Anglia, GTR Great Northern Thameslink, Southeastern, Southern, Gatwick Express, and South Western Railway.


Wednesday 8 May:

Avanti West Coast, Chiltern Railways, CrossCountry, East Midlands Railway, Great Western Railway, and West Midlands Trains.


Thursday 9 May:

LNER, Northern Trains, and TransPennine Express.


Startups Helping Navigate Upcoming Train Strikes


As train strikes approach, there is hope for commuters: startups are stepping up to ease the inconvenience. These companies offer alternative transportation solutions, ensuring that people can navigate disruptions with minimal hassle.




Zeelo, a smart bus commute service, offers a reliable solution for commuters facing disruptions like train strikes. Founded with a vision to revolutionise travel, Zeelo provides tailored transportation services for both events and daily commuting needs.

By leveraging innovative algorithms, Zeelo connects riders efficiently and safely, ensuring a smooth journey. With a focus on sustainability, Zeelo’s carbon-neutral journeys contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, aligning with clients’ sustainability goals.

With a global presence and a commitment to social impact, Zeelo continues to innovate and expand its services, providing a trusted and environmentally conscious transportation option for users worldwide.




Beryl offers bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, and cargo bikes for convenient and sustainable travel in cities. Users can easily access vehicles through the Beryl app, making it hassle-free to get around without the need for personal ownership or storage.

During train strikes, Beryl provides an alternative mode of transportation, allowing commuters to navigate disruptions and reach their destinations efficiently. With a range of options suitable for various needs, Beryl promotes eco-friendly travel solutions for urban mobility.




Hiyacar offers affordable vehicle rentals from trusted local owners, providing convenient transportation solutions for users. With a wide range of vehicles available for hourly or daily hire, users can easily find a suitable option for their needs.

During train strikes, Hiyacar provides an alternative mode of travel, allowing commuters to navigate disruptions and reach their destinations efficiently.

With comprehensive insurance coverage and roadside assistance, users can enjoy a safe and reliable rental experience.






BlaBlaCar offers a reliable and cost-effective carpooling network across numerous destinations. During train strikes, BlaBlaCar provides an alternative mode of transportation, allowing users to travel affordably and conveniently.

With stringent safety measures and a user-friendly app, passengers can easily find rides and connect with trustworthy drivers. Carpooling reduces emissions and offers a safe travel option with minimal contact.






Citymapper is a popular city mobility app that simplifies journey planning and enhances public transit experiences. During train strikes, Citymapper helps commuters find alternative routes, optimising public transport usage.

Its partnership with global agencies aids in growing ridership, improving service planning, and building passenger trust through real-time updates. With Citymapper, navigating cities becomes easier and more efficient for users worldwide.


Enterprise Car Club




Enterprise Car Club offers a convenient car sharing network across 220+ UK towns, cities, and communities. Members can access vehicles via a smartphone app 24/7, paying only when they need a vehicle.

During train strikes, users can rely on Enterprise Car Club to access vehicles for essential travel, reducing dependency on public transport disruptions.

With a commitment to sustainability, their fleet includes plug-in EVs and hybrid vehicles, contributing to cleaner urban environments.