Travelling Solo as a Woman Just Got Easier

New app creates a community and eases travelling solo for females around the world. 


Travelling Solo


There is still a lot of stigma attached to travelling solo. As a woman, much of this is tied up with potential danger. A quarter of women are afraid to travel solo but still aspire to do so. Within those travelling solo, many would like the option to meet up with others or join a group for some of their trip; in fact, 54% of solo travellers would like to be able to group travel at least some of the time. Consequently, 22-year old Heeral Pattni identified a gap in the market. 


Amica App


Pattni decided to launch a new app designed to make travelling solo as a female more accessible than ever before. Like many young entrepreneurs, the pandemic was an opportunity to develop a business. She used this time to design and develop the app as well as seeking investment. Amica App is designed to help women make friends and connections whilst travelling. It provides an online community so that women can meet, explore and adventure with like-minded women. 

Safety First


Part of the reason for the launch of this app, is to add an element of safety and security for women who have fear when travelling solo. Amica gives power back to women who want to travel alone, giving them the choice of who they want to meet and when. Safety is the number one priority. Subsequently, the app enables safe and authentic connections with video verified members where it matches the user to other female travellers.


Travel On Hold


With the travel sector currently paused until restrictions are lifted, the full launch of Amica will have to wait. However, there is a whole market of women itching to get travelling again. Online travel communities such as Girls That Wander show an evident high demand for females wanting to kickstart their travels. Here, they share travel tips and advice for other females hoping to travel solo in the future. They wait with bated breath for their adventures to begin again.