UK To Get A Free Netflix Streaming Alternative, Tubi

Fox Corporation has finally announced that its streaming platform called Tubi will be available in the UK. This is the platform’s way of exploring new markets and competing with streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Tubi is a free, ad-supported model and is already widely used in the US, with nearly 80 million active users monthly. Now in Britain, the service brings over 20,000 movies and TV shows with many famous blockbusters, and a mix of local British, Bollywood, and Nollywood content.

Tubi Launch Strategy In The UK

Anjali Sud, the CEO of Tubi, spoke about bringing their successful North American formula across the Atlantic to the Hollywood Reporter. “Tubi has spent the last decade honing our approach to vast, free, and fun streaming in North America, and we feel that now is the perfect time to bring that recipe to UK audiences.”

To make its presence felt, Tubi plans a marketing campaign that will be starting July 15. The campaign will likely showcase Tubi’s unique selling points, which, of course, are free access and a diverse content library. The service will be available across devices such as major smart TVs, iPhones, Android devices, and web browsers so users can access with ease.


Long-Term Strategy And Viewer Engagement


Their plan to bring relevant features to the UK market will be based on viewer feedback and overall metrics and analytics for engagement. The success of Tubi in the UK will depend on its ability to keep viewers interested and engaged.

Other streaming platforms have shown that when you consistently update content and overall functionality of the platform, you’re likely to create a user loyalty and invite a new audience. Even though platforms like Netflix are not free, many prefer it for its convenience in these aspects. So, if Tubi can address all the factors, they stand a chance of being successful.


Pros And Cons Of Free Streaming Services

Tubi’s pricing model is referred to as a “freemium” model, because for the most part, the offering is free, but revenue is generated through ads. This has its benefits and downfalls, a few are…

Access for Everyone: Tubi’s freemium model allows anyone to access its content without a subscription fee. This wide accessibility can attract a diverse audience, boosting the platform’s popularity.

Revenue Through Ads: While the service is free for users, Tubi can generate revenue through advertisements displayed during content streaming. This means they can earn from every user, not just those who pay.

Easy User Acquisition: The free nature of the service lowers the hesitation for new users to try it out. This can lead to rapid growth in user numbers.



Limited Upgrades: The main challenge is getting free users to move to paid options, if available. Since Tubi is entirely ad-supported, this specific con is less relevant, but it’s a common issue in other freemium models.

Cost of Service: Operating a streaming service with a vast library has significant costs, from licensing content to maintaining server operations. Ad revenues must be carefully balanced against these expenses.

Ad Intrusiveness: To make money from a free model, ads are necessary, but too many can harm the user experience. This might push some viewers to alternative, less intrusive platforms.

The cons are not considered a major issue to those who appreciate the cost-free benefit of using the platform. It’ll be exciting to see how Tubi performs after its marketing efforts make it more known among movie and series fanatics in the uK.