US Sports are Getting Serious About Concussions

Concussions are one of the biggest threats to young athletes in the US. Now, Texas Youth Football & Cheer Association are using a new mobile cognitive assessment tool. 

High Risk of Concussions 

The announcement commemorates the fourth annual National Concussion Awareness Day. Their mission is to raise awareness about concussions and their severity. With millions of brain injuries each year, young athletes are at great risk of long term damage. Whilst most injuries can heal in about 10 days, over 50% of concussed athletes return to play the same day without proper screening and diagnosis.


Mobile Assessment 

Texas Youth Football & Cheer Association (TYFA) announced that they will be using HitCheck, This is a mobile cognitive assessment tool that allows clinicians and trainers to baseline and assess athletes at any time from anywhere. These assessments will be a prerequisite for each player prior to beginning their season. HitCheck allows for the association to track individuals’ unique performance and screen for changes after a potential brain injury that may require additional medical attention.


Medical Research

Drawing on decades of medical research, HitCheck simplifies standardised cognitive testing methods for mobile assessment. Through this, users can undergo immediate assessment in the case of a suspected injury. Each test measures a specific aspect of brain performance, such as coordination, memory, reaction time, etc. After the test, HitCheck captures, records and compares the results with prior performance. From this, it highlights changes in brain functions that may require additional medical attention.


The Future of Competition

TYFA provides youth athletes with opportunities to compete and win at some of the highest levels of youth football and cheer. It is one of the largest Independent Leagues in the United States and the largest in Texas; serving tens of thousands of athletes every year. Now, the league requires that every athlete baseline with HitCheck before being allowed to participate in activities.


Staying Safe in Times of Uncertainty

The president of Texas Youth Football Association comments about the decision to use HitCheck. “In a year of great uncertainty, we know we can count on HitCheck to keep our team safe and accurately assess each player for cognitive health.”

TYFA is not the only organisation using HitCheck. Sports teams across various US universities are using the new technology. Subsequently, it seems that the US is stepping up when it comes to taking concussions and brain injury in sport more seriously.