Walking Towards a More Sustainable Future

Brits willing to go the extra mile (or two), according to new research studying the nation’s transport habits.

Walking Wins

New research by e-scooter rental company, Dott, reveals that our transport habits have changed exponentially since the pandemic. Over a third of Brits (35%) agreed that travelling in the fresh air is preferable to public transport and nearly half (42%) are walking more than ever before.

Where are People Walking?

Tis the season for family and it seems that this is reflected in our walking habits, with respondents willing to travel by foot to see family and friends. But only if they live within an average of a 2.05 mile radius!

Unsurprisingly, one of the other places Brits are willing to walk is the pub, travelling an average of 1.35 miles to grab a drink! Ironically, the shortest distance we’re willing to walk is to the gym, with an average of just over a mile.

Losing Trust in Transport

Since the start of the pandemic, research has shown that a quarter of Brits have reduced their travel by up to 90%; in fact, nearly half of respondents (42%) have admitted to actively avoiding public transport due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly a third of respondents (31%) admitted to feeling less safe on public transport since the beginning of the pandemic and the enforced sanctions. Typically, Londoners seem to trust public transport least, with 35% feeling unsafe on city transport – the highest number of any region across the UK.

Sustainability on the Mind

Green travel is on the up as we shift away from transport and reignite our love for open-air travel. With this, comes more consideration for e-scooters and other sustainable transport systems. The advent of all nature of e-scooter rental company has meant that people are avoiding traditional modes of transport.

E-scooters were popular amongst respondents due to their role as a sustainable form of transport (31%), their comparatively low emissions (36%) and as a way of avoiding commuter crowds (32%). Overall, nearly half those surveyed (44%) agreed that e-scooters were a great alternative to public transport.

Duncan Robertson, spokesperson from Dott commented “The pandemic has had a profound impact on how we move around, prioritising fresh air and solo travel. With people feeling more disconnected by distance than ever before, and our walking radius’ shrinking, it’s important that people keep moving around. With e-scooters already popping up around the UK, it’s a great sustainable, safe and short-distance alternative to other forms of transport – there’s no difficulty with social distancing on a scooter, after all!”