Wellbeing and Performance App On The Go

PUSH in Your Pocket: the ‘always on’ wellbeing and performance app you can take wherever you go.


PUSH launches first ever app, targeting businesses and employees that are most in need of professional and personal support, following the pandemic.

Not just another office tool, it brings the human element into our new way of working, allowing us to think, feel and do better.

Following the launch of ‘The Human Element Report’, which outlines the nation’s views on the return to work, PUSH has released its first ever B2B app: an easy-to-use platform that allows businesses and their employees access to an ‘always on’ wellbeing and positive performance companion.


Lowest Ever Personal Wellbeing


Created in direct response to research that suggests personal wellbeing scores for life satisfaction are currently the lowest ever recorded (ONS) and the cost of poor mental health on employers is rising (Deloitte), the new app takes positive mental health as the absolute baseline and works from there to improve clarity, self-appreciation, motivation and more. Not only will it support teams to work brilliantly – wherever they may be – but it will also endeavour to improve the collective and individual mindset, whilst aligning positive behaviours for the future.


Four Sections


Personalising content based on how you’re feeling, PUSH in Your Pocket is divided into four sections to support every aspect of physical and mental wellbeing:

· Grow – learn tips, tools and hacks to help us live and work better

· Be – encouragement to find self-acceptance and tackle whatever life throws at us

· Move – taking proper care of our body, living a more balanced life both physically and mentally

· Connect – with friends and colleagues wherever we are, maintaining culture even when we can’t be together

Cate Murden, founder of PUSH and creator of PUSH in Your Pocket, comments: “We’ve been talking to our clients and coaches since the beginning of the pandemic and boy is there a lot going on! Our coaches could see first-hand what people were going through, and our clients felt that their teams needed different tools and frameworks to manage these unique times.


The world is different now, so it’s obvious we need new support, skills, behaviours and beliefs to work within it. Crucially, it’s not just about doing what we did before! And that’s what PUSH in Your Pocket will help with!”


Adapting to the New Normal


So why, when Cate originally said this is not a project she would ever embark on, does she now believe this is the resource we all need to move forward? “At PUSH we believe in live human interaction, but thanks to the global pandemic, this is now not always possible. So, the real concern moving forward is, how do we prepare people for the future, if we are holding onto old tools and mindsets? This app will build resilience and genuinely help people thrive. It improves how YOUR people think, feel and do, as well as futureproofing should something like this ever happen again.”

Companies looking for an even more tailored approach can opt for the Enterprise version, which allows for the integration of brand processes, additional data tracking and reporting as well as tailored company features and functionality.