Platform Supports Mental Wellbeing of UK Businesses

Data has highlighted how the changing work environments of the pandemic have negatively impacted the mental wellbeing of the UK’s workforce.

Impacted Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing platform 87% reviewed the behavioural traits of over 4,000 users across a range of industries.They found that changing work patterns during lockdown had a major impact on the workforce, with 53% or respondents reporting that they were worried about changing their routine. Most notably, workforce motivation is taking a major hit; half of the users reported a loss of energy as a result of isolation. Only 13% of adults report living with high levels of good mental wellbeing. Thus, the wellbeing platform aims to support the remaining 87% through an app, daily interactions, weekly mental fitness reports and a podcast.

Employee Confidence

Confidence levels have dropped significantly in a number of areas, primarily in how employers are adapting. 29% of staff say that their employer is not adapting well, causing them additional unnecessary stress. Financial concerns are also prevalent; a third of users lack confidence in how much money they will have in the coming months. The data paints a dim view of how employee mental health will be affected in the coming months.

Bespoke Apps

Aiming to combat these shifts, 87% has been at the forefront of delivering support to businesses and their employees since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Initially they built bespoke apps for a number of key medical frontline staff. These apps are scientifically designed to help users build healthy and positive mental wellbeing habits. Air Ambulances UK, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Royal College of Nursing are among the organisations already benefiting. With over 50,000 emergency workers receiving free mental wellbeing monitoring during this time of crisis, a significant portion of Britain’s front-line emergency medicine community is getting support.

Supporting Workforces

The data highlighted the importance of helping staff cope with enforced isolation. In light of this, wellbeing platform 87% is offering free support to small businesses. They have successfully formed partnerships with many nationwide emergency medical organisations. In addition, 87% has already granted over 50,000 frontline workers free access. They have custom built apps which help to monitor and improve employee mental wellbeing. Already, 80 small businesses have been given free access to the platform.