WhatsApp Business Hits 200 Million Users & Launches New Features

In the world of social messaging apps, WhatsApp Business has emerged as a popular platform for businesses worldwide. With its recent announcement of reaching the 200 million monthly active users (MAUs) mark, WhatsApp Business is not just celebrating a milestone but is also introducing new features that will revolutionise how small businesses communicate with their customers.


A Remarkable Growth Journey


WhatsApp Business, owned by Meta Platforms, has grown exponentially over the past three years. In 2020, the app had around 50 million users, and this figure has quadrupled to over 200 million MAUs in 2023. The growth not only indicates the popularity of WhatsApp Business among small businesses but also represents a significant portion of Meta’s user base.


Click-to-WhatsApp Ads for Seamless Marketing


As part of the app’s new features, WhatsApp Business users will soon be able to create and publish ‘click-to-WhatsApp’ ads directly from the app without the need for a Facebook account. These ads will be visible on Facebook and Instagram, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate their marketing efforts across multiple Meta-owned platforms.

Last year, during Meta’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that “click-to-WhatsApp” ads exceeded an annual revenue run rate of $1.5 billion (£1.13 billion) with 80% year-on-year growth. The integration of this feature within the WhatsApp Business app is expected to enhance ad revenue further.



Automating Personalised Customer Interaction


WhatsApp Business is set to launch a paid feature that automates the process of sending personalised messages to customers. Businesses will be able to send customised messages like appointment reminders, birthday greetings, and updates on sales to specific customer lists.

Merchants can send different messages to different customer lists, such as offering discount codes to new customers or sending promotional materials to regular ones. Such a feature promises a more efficient way of personalising customer interaction and increasing customer engagement.


A Future Steered Towards Revenue Generation


As Meta Platforms navigates its way through its “year of efficiency,” its gaze is fixed on new revenue streams. One such promising avenue is revenue earned through paid messaging via WhatsApp Business. The shift commenced earlier this year when Meta announced changes to the pricing model and messaging categories of WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg mentioned that the number of businesses using the paid messaging feature on WhatsApp grew by 40% quarter-over-quarter, indicating strong potential for revenue generation from the app.


Looking Forward: WhatsApp Business in a Post-Metaverse Era


As Meta continues to develop its vision of a metaverse, it seeks to offset its expenditure by ramping up revenue from other avenues, with WhatsApp Business leading the charge. The app’s growth in user numbers and the roll-out of new features paint a promising picture of Meta’s future revenue growth.

With businesses now being able to directly pay for ads, send automated personalised messages, and enjoy a broader reach, WhatsApp Business is becoming an even more integral part of many companies’ operations. The milestone of 200 million MAUs is only the beginning of what’s to come for WhatsApp Business in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.