Which? Calls For Fair Phone And Broadband Prices For Consumers


Which?, the consumer group, urges broadband and mobile phone companies to reconsider “unjust” bill hikes expected this spring, advocating for consumer rights. With many and even most broadband companies increasing customer bills, the calls for some more consumer assistance are growing.

Lauren Davies of bOnline commented: “Broadband is a necessity nowadays, more so than in any previous years. We all need good bradband and particularly because more people than ever work from home as part of their job or role. Broadband companies increasing their prices every year, with no respite for consumers, people are feeling the pinch.”

Persisting Consumer Struggles


Despite impending regulations banning such practices, consumers still grapple with price escalations linked to inflation plus extra charges, according to Which? The group reveals that some customers may face up to £35 and £27 increases in broadband and Sim-only phone contracts, respectively, after April adjustments.


Industry Responses


BT defends its position, citing transparency in its pricing adjustments, while Shell Energy Broadband claims to keep rises below industry standards. However, many providers decline to comment on Which? ‘s findings, underscoring potential disparities in pricing practices across the sector.


Unfair Practices Under Scrutiny


Which? denounces the practice of imposing hefty exit fees on consumers unwilling to accept price hikes, labelling it “outrageous” and urging telecoms firms to prioritise customer welfare. Moreover, when it comes to broadband for startups and small businesses, they too are feeling the pinch of price rises.


Regulatory Shifts


Ofcom’s forthcoming regulations, expected later this year, aim to enhance transparency by requiring telecom firms to articulate bill increases in clear monetary terms rather than obscure inflation-based formulas, aligning with consumer demands for fairness and clarity.


Consumer Impact and Industry Strategies


Last year’s sharp rise in the cost of living triggered widespread discontent among consumers faced with escalating bills. While providers like BT defend their pricing adjustments as necessary investments, critics argue that consumers bear the brunt of these changes, exacerbated by punitive exit fees.


Future Outlook


With Ofcom’s new rules anticipated to take effect in the autumn, the telecom industry faces mounting pressure to adopt fairer pricing models. Meanwhile, consumer groups like Which? continue to advocate for clearer and more equitable pricing structures to safeguard consumer interests.


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