Wild Cosmetics Raise £500K Seed Capital

Direct to Consumer brand Wild Cosmetics has raised £500K of seed capital to disrupt sustainability in the bathroom with the imminent launch of their natural, refill deodorants. Wild Cosmetics founded by ex HelloFresh Director of Marketing Freddy Ward and experienced entrepreneur Charlie Bowes-Lyon raise £500K seed funding to create natural, effective, stylish and sustainable products for your everyday bathroom routines.

After a successful natural deodorant pilot launch in 2019 growing to over 6000 customers within 5 months, Wild is re-launching on their website with an improved formula and new custom packaging designed to minimise plastic waste. This consists of a reusable aluminium case and 100% biodegradable card refills that are specifically designed to fit through your letterbox. These will be available on a flexible subscription.

The range will include 5 unique scents and 3 different case options and can be bought as a subscription or one off. The new range is set to launch at the beginning of March.

Ward explains why they believe Wild is tapping into a yet uncatered for category. “We believe whilst people are becoming a lot more interested and concerned about the physical and environmental impact of products they buy, they will not change their habits if this means compromising on convenience, efficacy or brand alignment. It is time for natural and sustainable products to break out of the niche stereotypes with plain rustic packaging and sterile copy. We believe by combining a bit of humour, colour and style with highly effective natural products, we can ride the inevitable wave of consumer change to more sustainable purpose driven brands who put transparency and innovation at their core.”

Recent research by Which highlights the lack of urgency and innovation across the personal care sector in their approach to recycling in the bathroom. A problem highlighted by research which suggests less than 50% of products are recycled in the bathroom vs more than 90% in the kitchen. Wild believes the onus is on start-ups to help change consumers habits by creating genuine innovation that makes sustainability convenient and simple. This was a core focus when developing their refillable natural deodorant range.

Whilst Wild will launch with their range of refillable natural deodorants they have longer term plans to introduce a curated selection of high performing natural personal care products that genuinely work and make creating a more sustainable bathroom routine simple for everyone.