Women of London are Reclaiming Their Safety by Crowdsourcing Women Safety With SafeUP App


A Team of British women is launching an innovative smartphone app to strengthen the sense of security of women and girls in the Street of London and the whole of the UK. Following a successful three-month soft launch, SafeUP is now available to all female residents of the UK. The app aims to enhance their wellbeing and safety by creating a citywide network of local communities of women.

As you can see in the images, there are already several 100s of members in London, and more than 10 other cities across England, Scotland and Wales:

women-safety-app-uk (1)

The app is based on advanced social network technology, ensuring that information is secure and anonymous. The project is to enable female residents to feel free and safe, knowing that there are always other women looking after them, and are immediately available if required.

The app is now available for download on all devices: http://bit.ly/SU-Join

SafeUP is available 24/7 to users and enables women to use the app when they feel a bit unsafe, encounter any real or potential danger, and require support, guidance, or physical assistance. A helping hand is provided by a system of nearby “guardians” who, due to their widespread distribution across communities, can offer a speedy and effective solution. Dozens of specially trained women are available to assist where necessary via telephone, video, or by personal accompaniment.

At any given moment, any member of the SafeUP community who feels unsafe can make a call via the application and women nearby will receive a notification, enabling them to reach out and assist in real-time. The app will significantly shorten response times and assist women, even in cases where there is no need for police intervention. The app will connect the user via video to three nearest available women guardians, who will evaluate the situation and decide whether to arrive at the scene or to call the police.

Every woman or girl wishing to join SafeUP will undergo an in-depth verification process to confirm the authenticity of user profiles and ensure that app users are able to access a safe space. The app protects the privacy of users and nearby “guardians” undergo a training process to ensure that they provide professional assistance in changing scenarios and circumstances.

SafeUP is not just an app, but a community of women for women, working to ensure that women feel safe in public.

Neta Schreiber, CEO & co-founder of SafeUP, decided to found the company following an incident approximately nine years ago. At a luxurious villa party – a seemingly safe location – one of her friends had gone missing.  They began looking for her around the villa and found her half-naked, fighting off several men who immediately fled the scene. Had it not been for the vigilance of her friends, the incident could have ended differently.

Today, as a mother, Schreiber calls on additional women to be part of the guardian community, “to enable me, you, our daughters and every woman to feel safe in every place: to walk down a dark alleyway without fear; to go on a date without anxiety and a rescue plan; to go dancing in a nightclub, or even to simply go on a walk late at night.”