YuLife-Buzzbike Cycling Partnership Sets Wheels in Motion


Incentive-based life insurance platform YuLife partners with all-in-one bike subscription service Buzzbike to offer discounted, round-the-clock bike access

YuLife, the tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life, today announced a new partnership with Buzzbike, the all-in-one bike subscription service which equips users with 24/7 high-end bike access, an award-winning lock, stolen bike replacement, on-demand maintenance cover, and rewards the more you ride. Thanks to the partnership, YuLife members can enjoy a Buzzbike subscription at reduced monthly rates.

YuLife’s partnership with Buzzbike is designed to reward members for regular cycling at a time when many office workers are looking to reduce public transport use. Cycling surged in popularity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as a safe alternative means of commuting, and the government has even suggested that GPs prescribe cycling as a key healthy habit which can help ward off ill health.

Last month, YuLife added cycling to the range of wellness activities which users can participate in and access rewards on its AI-based, gamified app. The YuLife app offers employees at member companies vouchers and benefits from Britain’s leading brands in return for completing everyday wellness activities, such as walking, meditation, mindfulness and now cycling, with the goal of incentivizing and rewarding healthy living.

“We are always delighted to form new partnerships with innovative companies which share our core value of encouraging people to live healthier lives and be their best selves every single day,” said Sammy Rubin, CEO and Founder of YuLife. “By rewarding members for frequent cycling, Buzzbike offers them a tangible incentive to maintain their wellbeing, which is essential in order to build up long-term healthy habits.”

“Our exciting new partnership with YuLife connects us with a company as committed as we are to harnessing tech and gamification to improve individuals’ health and wellbeing,” said Tom Hares, Co-Founder and CEO of Buzzbike. “Our aim is to encourage the public to cycle more, as it’s a cheaper, greener and healthier way to get around. From the moment we saw how YuLife makes the experience of healthy living fun and engaging, we wanted to seize the opportunity to reach thousands of Londoners.”