Applications of Machine Learning You May Not Know About

At this point, we are all well aware of just how useful and versatile machine learning and Artificial Intelligence or AI can be. Today, hundreds of companies are saying that they are implementing machine learning in order to boost their image and product but, behind the scenes, there is little to no AI to be found.

The rise of fake AI shows just how much emphasis the commercial world has placed on this new technology, and it is not hard to see why. When used correctly, AI can be incredibly powerful and greatly increase the efficiency of processing. Below are a few of the new applications for machine learning and AI which you may not have been familiar with.

Big Tech And Big AI

Unsurprisingly, the biggest tech companies are leading the charge when it comes to AI. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are using AI to help manage chat questions, whereas Twitter is using AI to optimise the content shown on content feeds.

One of the most interesting uses of AI in Big Tech in recent years has been Google’s neural network research called the DeepMind network or the “machine that dreams”. This is the same AI which produced a series of psychedelic images a few years ago. That being said, Google claims to be currently researching every facet of AI possible.

Alongside Google, another search engine which is investing heavily in AI is the Chinese big tech company Baidu. Baidu is currently focused on its Deep Voice project which is a deep neural network apparently capable of creating fully synthetic human voices which are virtually indistinguishable from actual human speech. According to early reports, Deep Voice is able to also mimic someone’s voice by “learning” the unique distinguishers such as speech patter, lilt, accent, and pitch.

Online Casinos And Betting Platforms

Online casinos are utilising AI in a number of different ways including through automated chatbot help, calculating odds, and detecting fraud – along with problem gambling patterns. As the platforms are used over longer periods of time, the AI will continue to improve.

Online casinos have become incredibly popular over the course of the last five years and there are now dozens of different online casinos all trying to attract the attention of gamblers through the use of registration bonuses, seasonal promotions, and vast libraries of games. Sites like Poker Compare allow gamblers to comb through the top ranked online casinos in order to find the online gambling platform that best fits their needs.

Digital Twins In Manufacturing

Creating models in heavy manufacturing industries is incredibly costly and difficult and going through the testing phases is even more resource-intensive. Machine learning has allowed engineers at some of the largest manufacturing firms to create digital twins of their inventions and allow AI to perform a series of initial tests on the product. This greatly reduces the time and investment needed for each new product.