A Beginner’s Guide to Online Slots


Online slots are one of the most popular and widespread online casino games of all. The relative simplicity of the games has built up a loyal fanbase eager to try out all the variations.

There is not a huge list of rules to read up on, making it great for players new to online slots to try out. The overriding feature of the game is that it is a game of luck. And while it is no doubt difficult to become a true master, beginners can get just as much out of the game as practised players. Here is a guide of hints and tips to get the most out of the game.

How to Play Online Slots

One of the great things about online slots is their versatility. Games companies and developers regularly introduce new features and colourful themes to keep players coming back for more. But even more apparent than this is the overriding simplicity of the game.

The core of the game does not really alter, regardless of how many new additions have been made. Essentially the player needs to first make a bet to begin the game.

The bet is made up of three separate elements: coin value, the number of coins bet, and the number of paylines if applicable. A payline, sometimes known as a winning line, is the combination of symbols that results in a win. Different online slots games will have different numbers of available paylines. They may be a fixed amount, or players may be able to select how many they want to play with.

Paylines are typically displayed from left to right on the screen. Five symbols are the most common, but it could be more or less. Multiple paylines means that there will be more chances to win, but the cost may be more as well.

Once the bet is decided it’s time to hit the spin button and see what happens. The correct combination of symbols could result in a win. It’s all down to luck.

Choose a Game

Selecting the right game is essential to an enjoyable online slots experience. There is now a wide range of lively themes inspired by everything from TV and film to travel and fantasy to intrigue the newbie. Many games providers offer free to play games as a practice for the main slots. This is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics before going right into the action.

Know the Lingo

As we’ve seen with the payline, there are several keywords and phrases associated with the slots games. Getting used to the lingo can help build up confidence in your gaming.

A multiplier is an important term to get used to. It refers to a feature that multiplies win potential by a specific amount. So, a 3x multiplier will triple the winning result.

Another key term in the slots world is the RTP, or return to player number. This is a percentage that can be used to determine how likely games are to pay out. So an RTP of 93% will mean that you should get 93% of your betting money back over a period of time. The higher the RTP the better the chances of winning will be.

‘Volatility’ is also linked to how much and how often games will pay out. Slots with a low volatility will pay out more often, but the value of the pay out will be less. Similarly, a game with high volatility offers a rarer pay-out, but when it does it will be of a higher jackpot.

Bonus Features

Many slot games feature bonus rounds, which operate as a game within a game. It could be that you are called to roll a dice to progress along a course, or to do battle with a monster to win a prize. These elements show off the capabilities of the online platform. The new ideas are not usually included in the traditional land-based slot machine. They are part of the uniquely fun experience of online slots.

Introductory Offers and Promotions

Many reliable and secure slots companies have excellent introductory offers to appeal to new players. Players making a specific deposit of money, a minimum of £10 for example, could benefit from a number of free spins.

 Tournaments and Contests

Slots tournaments are usually based on the idea of rankings and a league table. The more you win, the higher up the league you will go. A key thing to consider when looking at the different tournaments on offer is the length of the competition.

They can vary from the scheduled tournaments that have a definite start and end time, to Survivor contests which operate as a knockout competition.  Players are gradually whittled down to the very best over three rounds of intense 5-minute play. Online slots offer a great way to have fun. Easy to pick up and play, there are a wealth of exciting options for players to discover and enjoy.