How to Run a Successful Construction Site in London

Home to almost 9 million people, London isn’t short of construction sites. The city is constantly changing, with the sounds of construction blending with a bustle of everyday activity. Running a successful construction site requires more effort in London than elsewhere. In such a busy city, it’s particularly important that you manage the site effectively. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider to run a successful construction site in London.

Construction Site Security

Construction site crime is a very real problem, and one that you simply can’t ignore. Whether people are breaking in after dark or making attempts during daylight, the right deterrents are important. Trespassing on construction sites is a health and safety hazard. If someone is able to access your site, you could be jailed or fined. In the worst situations, trespassers are at risk of injury or death. Make sure that you have secure perimeter fencing, and that it can keep out children and adults alike.

Health and safety concerns aren’t the only reason for effective security. Trespassers can damage property and equipment, and might have theft in mind. The destruction they can cause might set you back months, or lose a big construction contract. CCTV cameras are crucial, and ideally someone to watch overnight if you think that your site is at risk. The key is to deter as many would-be trespassers as possible, and to make sure that those undeterred few don’t get away with it for long.

Welfare Facilities

Your workers should have access to welfare facilities whilst spending time on construction sites. The days of a sandwich in a lunch box, sitting in the mud, are days that are now long gone. With mobile welfare units, London construction teams can be sure that their needs are being met.

Toilets are vital, and should ideally be flushing toilets with running warm water from taps. It is recommended that you have 1 toilet per 7 people on site. As well as toilet and washing facilities, you’ll need canteen facilities and break rooms with somewhere dry and warm for workers to rest. This should also be a place where they can store their belongings, keeping them safe whilst they’re working. Drinking water should be readily available, as well as somewhere for food preparation. A microwave is enough – you don’t need to provide a full kitchen!

Environmental Considerations

The people of London are more aware than ever of the impact construction can have on the environment. They’re environmentalists and those that don’t take kindly to health and safety hazards. Make sure that your construction site is never a cause for concern. Pest management may be important in some locations. Some parts of London are home to many rats, who’ll be disturbed by your construction activities. Other animals may be drawn to the area, in search of stirred-up soil and the food opportunities it brings.

Store waste effectively, making sure that piles of litter are not on show. Consider barrier fencing that people can’t see through, for a little more protection from prying eyes. This barrier fencing is a chance to advertise what’s coming, building excitement about your latest construction project, or even emphasising that you’re a considerate company aiming to limit your effect on your surroundings.

Every day, hundreds of people may pass your site on their way to work. Be confident that you’re giving them absolutely nothing to complain about. Running a successful construction site in London is about more than just getting the job done. It’s about getting the job done whilst keeping everyone happy and safe in the UK’s biggest city.