Why PayPal is a Good Choice for Online Casino Players

Any avid gambler trying to make a transition from the brick and mortar gambling to online casino has two important things to consider. These include the right online casino to place your wage and a payment option that feels comfortable and convenient for you. This also applies to any new gambler trying to make his/her way in online gambling platforms.

There are a lot of online casinos in the world offering different types of games. There also several payment options players can decide on which best suits their preferences. PayPal has remained one of the best choice for online casino players. If you are looking for the best US PayPal casino sites, you can find a full list here. For UK based readers, there is a comprehensive overview of Paypal casino sites on this page.

It Perfectly Filled The Gap

EWallets have been on the rise as the best payment options and this has forced most online casinos react to the demands of players swiftly. EWallets support easier funding and withdrawals access and PayPal is one of the eWallets. In fact, PayPal is one of the ten credit card terminals and machines preferred by users worldwide.

PayPal has been described by many casinos as the top of the eWallets in the world. It was established in 1998 and rose to become a household name for paying out online goods and services. Since being established as the new entrant, PayPal is currently a leader as a digital eWallet provider. After its establishment, eBay acquired it before they sold it in 2015. It’s intermarriage with eBay was purposely for huge bunch of transactions to be effective solely between private users online. It was also a way of making transactions convenient.

PayPal took the initiative of identifying the big gap available in online payment which credit cards had not utilised, and has since been a part of the continuing digital revolution. It gained popularity with eBay and this reflected a stiff competition from rival PayDirect by Yahoo, c2it by Citibank, Google Checkout, BidPay and Billpoint by eBay.

Why Paypal’s Funding And Withdrawal Is Suitable For Online Casinos

There are many reasons why online casino players will find using PayPal’s system useful to fund their online accounts. It has a great advantage over the use of credit and debit cards. The benefits of using PayPal over credit and debit cards include:

  • Withdrawals are effective the very day as opposed to credit cards which require 2-5 days
  • The details of PayPal requires a couple clicks compared to credit cards that need multiple data entry.
  • It Is Easier For The User To Manage The Bankroll Using PayPal
  • There is a high sense of financial security on the user’s personal details and banking information

Online casinos that have embraced the use of PayPal as a payment option have a higher advantage than those that don’t. PayPal offers much convenience when it comes to funding and withdrawing money. Besides, it is quite quicker and there is little amount of extra data input required.

PayPal is also the best option for amateur online casino players who hold few accounts with the aim of getting some top-up offers. PayPal provides the convenience of transferring funds and offers maximum protection of private financial data. Full-time online casino players have advantage of faster transactions in terms of funding and withdrawing money. It is also easier to manage bankrolls and also to switch between casino sites.

High Levels Of Security, Safety And Privacy

PayPal remains to be one of the best and well-reputed eWallet in online casinos and other platforms. It has worked effortlessly to maintain the required security standards through the implementation of several security features. They feature a PIN, two-factor authentication and the SSL encryption.

PayPal had acquired Fraud Sciences in 2007, an Israeli owned company which helped them in analysing and detecting risks and fraud available online. The early security features were the two-factor authentication code and the security key. Encryption, 3D passcode and email authentication were some of the improvements that online casino players can now enjoy.

This eWallet is one of the safest and well-reputed mode of online payment because of the additional layer of security that can’t be provided by a bank card. Your financial data and personal information remains protected. Users only require to provide a username and key in their password so as to make their deposits. There is also extra privacy provided by PayPal whereby your transaction history is not looked into which is the case with some banks.

Paypal Offers Special Bonuses

PayPal has tried to remain the best choice for online casino payment because it offers special bonuses and rewards when players deposit their online casino accounts using this mode of payment. This means the player has additional value for money that can be used to play games on the site. The extra bonuses offered by this payment method are as between 5% and 15% upon making any deposit through this eWallet. The deposit bonuses offered usually have terms and conditions and players need to read through them and understand. This is important so that you are aware about the house edge and other underlying things.

Customer Support

PayPal is a vast company worldwide in terms of stature and size and regardless of this, it has managed to cater for their clients effectively. The company remains to be on top of other eWallets because of the way they handle their customers. They have hired dedicated and friendly customer support staff that respond to the questions raised by customers regarding transactions and other queries.

The customer support and service of this eWallet is top-notch that answers all queries related to online casino. The existing customers of PayPal have an option of contacting the payment service through the Contact PayPal message box available from its official site. You can also contact the staff through phone. The customer support services are available 18 hours every day during weekdays and 16 hours on each day of Saturday and Sunday.

PayPal on the Go Casino

Convenience is a trending affair everywhere, anywhere in the world. Many people have embraced the use of mobile versions because it is convenient and common with most users. This principle has been adopted by online casinos and most eWallets.

PayPal has a mobile app that helps the user see all transactions that have been done in his/her account. The mobile app offers the same security and safety that are found on the desktop version. It provides all the services available when you use the mobile online casino. These services by PayPal include PayPal Access Card as well as PayPal.Me. All that is required to access the PayPal mobile version is any compatible internet browser. You can also access it through a PayPal app that can be downloaded in any operating system’s Store.