Top Tools for Students

Writing an essay is a complicated and overwhelming process. To create a thorough and high-quality paper, you have to gather reliable information, process data, use proper terminology and of course, use correct grammar. It is therefore little wonder that so many students consider the actual writing of content and assignments to be one of the most complicated tasks they will ever undertake in the course of their studies. There are several possible ways in which students can better plan and write their content:

  • You can ask for help your tutor, teacher or lecturer
  • You can ask your friends or group mates to help you formulate and study the subject matter
  • You can use various online services to help with the research and formulation of the task

Academic experts from CustomWritings offer the list of 10 most helpful services for students.

CustomWritings’ service is a universal solution for everyone who has trouble with written assignments. You will need to provide various pieces of information for them to assist you.

There are no reasons to be afraid of extra high prices. The final bill depends on the complexity of the topic, a number of pages, and deadlines. These services and tools should only be used as samples and examples when writing essays on a similar topic and to use as comparable references.


This service is a must when it comes to error-free writing. It is an easy-to-use online grammar checker. The main advantage of this service is that it can be used as a browser add-on. Once you’ve installed it, the service checks all your online writing. It’s the best choice if you have to correct spelling, grammar errors, and punctuation. There are two types of utility – free and premium. The last one is able to check the readability of your text. It offers better word choice and paraphrases too complicated sentences.


Another grammar checker to appreciate, whose service can be very useful. It helps to reveal and check not only grammatical errors, but also counts symbols, words, and sentences. The programme offers to address overused words and even picks up proper synonyms. You can use both free and paid versions of the software.


For many students, the most difficult part of writing is creating a title. With the help of this interesting service, you can compose eye-catching titles for any paper.


It’s one of the most favourable plagiarism checkers of tutors. It’s a great choice when it comes to checking research papers and their validity and for those marking papers of students. It is available both online and offline.


If your vocabulary is limited, this service is a great online assistant. With its help, you can find synonyms and antonyms to any word.


When writing essays you should use only reliable information and Statista offers a wide range of reliable data from thousands of sources.


This service finds reliable and trustworthy sources you can use in your writing. It’s free and easy-to-use.