What is a Gaming Clan and How To Start One

These days, the gaming landscape is a competitive one. In fact, gaming has always provided fierce competition for gamers, but the emergence of online gaming has resulted in an even more cut-throat environment. For gamers, though, this has added even more intrigue to the genre and resulted in some players forming their own clans in an attempt to achieve more success.


What Is A Gaming Clan?


What is a gaming clan, you ask? Well, first and foremost, gaming clans are essentially teams of players who join forces to tackle a specific gaming product. These clans compete together, they come up with various strategies, and they tend to win given their increased chances of success. With trusted relationships formed and strong bonds created, gaming clans are tight-knit communities who conquer a variety of smash-hit releases together.

Gaming can also be a solitary experience for many players. As such, establishing a clan of fellow gamers allows them to feel part of something, while also enabling a player to make friends and enjoy the social aspect gaming can provide. Starting a clan is also fairly easy, although numerous things need to come together for a clan to really make an impact. Let’s assess some of them below.


What Do You Want Your Clan To Look Like?


First and foremost, it’s important to decide what exactly your clan is going to be responsible for and what challenges you’re going to take on together. Assess the best games to play in a clan and on which platforms.

Consider the age range of people you’d like in your clan and a range of other factors around a player’s dedication to gaming and the like. After all, your aim here is to bring together a team of likeminded individuals with similar interests and aims in the gaming sphere. If you aren’t on the same page, then your gaming escapades simply won’t be fruitful.


Pick A Name And A Logo


Once you’ve assessed the candidates and decided on your clan members, it’s time to come up with a name that reflects your team. You can make use of a clan name generator, but it’s also worth brainstorming a few ideas.

Once you’ve selected a memorable name, then it’s also worth looking at any logo designs. Not only will a logo strengthen your clan’s identity, but it simply looks good and helps create a well-rounded clan that other gamers can be jealous of.


Create A Website


Now, with your clan assembled and your name and logo chosen, it’s time to create a haven for your clan members to communicate with each other. A website won’t just add authority to your clan, but it can also assist future clan members when it comes to applying for your clan. Additionally, a website can boast discussion boards, links to YouTube channels and Discord, and a range of other useful resources that clan members might require.


Don’t Forget To Set Rules


A crucial aspect that some clan founders sadly forget is that setting rules is a necessity. Reading other clans’ rules will help you construct your own but it’s important to be understanding here and understand that people have commitments away from gaming. You don’t want to add rules that take away from the overall experience, and you should essentially lead by example. If you throw in petty rules that could upset morale, then don’t be surprised when gamers challenge you and want to leave.

Remember, you’re a team, and it isn’t about you. Ultimately, you need to give your players a reason to remain loyal and build a great community in the process.