1. Scooch

Company: Scooch

Founder: Baris Ozaydinli

Website: http://scooch.pet


About Scooch

Scooch is a one-stop personalised pet health platform with a mission to take the guesswork out of pet care.

Scooch was born with Baris Ozaydinli, the founder’s love & affection for his best furry friend, Rio and frustration with the pet health industry after selling his personalised human wellness tech start-up, Fitwell. Rio was a Covid puppy like millions around the world. Baris quickly realised that pet parenting is mainly guesswork and that pets can’t tell you about their feelings. He also experienced first-hand that the pet health industry is reactive, old school and not built for the new generation of pet parents. He realised he can use his 26 years of experience in human wellness tech, personalisation and consumer products and create a personalised healthcare platform for pets.

Scooch is an AI-powered platform that enables pet parents to identify potential conditions and health problems through a quick online check-up, get personalised recommendations and propriety formulated & vet approved treatments, chat with the AI bot for quickly triaging issues, have 24/7 access to tele-vet for further assistance and track their health. Scooch offers treatments for most common dog health problems from Allergy & Itching, Anal Glands, Joints & Mobility to Calming, Digestive Issues and Dental care. Scooch was founded in London in 2021, raised £1M pre-seed and achieved explosive 13X growth in 2023 already helping thousands of dogs in the UK.

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