2. Catit

Company: Catit

Founder: Hagen Group

Website: https://catit.co.uk

Canadian cat brand Catit introduces cat food made with 92% sustainable insect protein!

About Catit

“Founded in 1999 by family-owned pet company the Hagen Group, Catit is passionate about providing practical, easy-to-use care essentials that meet the needs of even the fussiest of felines. We strive to create high-quality products that will offer your cat the best possible quality of life, ranging from food and delicious treats to toys that keep them active and stimulated. To achieve our mission of providing convenient, uncompromising cat care, we added to our already thriving selection of toys, litter, furniture, and food and developed the Catit PIXI range, an award-winning collection of innovative care products and smart pet technology.

Named after our office rescue cat Pixi, this range is tailored to a cat’s exacting standards and allows pet parents to maintain a high level of care for their feline friend, even when they’re juggling a busy schedule. The core aim of the Catit PIXI range is to help owners look after their cats while they’re away from home, meaning your cat’s all-important daily routine is not interrupted by their owner being delayed at work or on a weekend trip away. So, no matter how busy you get, you can rest assured knowing that they have access to fresh, clean water 24/7, and can continue with their daily feeding routine (with properly measured portions to prevent binging).

Our smart feeders also eliminate the need to find a pet sitter, as well as those 5:00am wake-up calls from hungry cats demanding their breakfast! Not only this, but Catit PIXI products are designed to blend into any home décor, allowing owners to enjoy high-tech cat care solutions without compromising on style. These carefully chosen designs include timeless pastel colours, replaceable stainless steel and plastic components, and fun finishing touches like cat ears and whiskers. This collection began with the Catit PIXI Smart Fountain and two automatic dry and wet food feeders, and since launching two years ago, the range has evolved and gone from strength to strength. In fact, the Catit PIXI Smart Dry Feeder — which uses the connected app to dispense correctly timed and portioned dry food — was featured on The Gadget Show in March 2022.

The range has since expanded to include the Catit PIXI Smart Mouse Camera, allowing owners to keep a close eye on their cat while away from home, and even speak to them if they suspect their cat may be stressed out. What’s more, we are growing the collection further as we will soon be launching the Catit PIXI Vision Smart Dry Feeder, which combines all the convenience of our popular remote dry feeders with the peace of mind offered by a high-definition pet camera. With the Catit PIXI range and its free, connected app, owners can receive reminders about all of their smart products, including when to change the water fountain filter, top up the feeder reservoir, and even record special moments via the smart camera’s MicroSD card feature.” – Paul Trott, UK Marketing Manager

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