11. Joyned

Company: Joyned

Founders: Jonathan Abraham, Michael Levinson

Website: https://www.joyned.co/


About Joyned


Joyned began as a simple concept: a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that makes group buying decisions online easier. Started in 2017 by Israeli entrepreneur Jonathan Abraham and tech whizz Michael Levinson, Joyned came to fruition following a frustrating online shopping experience when founder Abraham was looking to purchase wedding suits with friends. Struggling to make a collective decision, Jonathan thought there must be an easier way to make group purchases online.

Abraham and Levinson’s mission was to build a software add-on for e-commerce retailers, allowing merchants to provide a dedicated, secure space within their existing site for groups of customers to discuss and make purchases.

Fast forward five years, with some heavyweight investors on board, the pandemic survived and a one of a kind innovative group travel booking product launched, Joyned has gone from strength-to-strength.

Launching its flagship product Joyned Booking for the lucrative travel industry in 2022, Joyned enables groups of friends and family who want to go on holiday together to discuss and make purchases directly on a travel site in a secure, private, online space. Through its superior cross-website, live experience, travel sites are empowered to own their customers’ natural social engagements directly on-site, typically increasing travel sites’ conversion rates by four times their baseline and increasing average order value by 25%. Industry giants including OYO, Despegar, TravelUp and many more were quick to become clients, with revenue surging and travel sector giants Amadeus also backing the 20-strong team.

In the past twelve months, Joyned has also welcomed several significant senior level hires, including Doron Luder as VP of Sales, who recently delivered a speech on the future of travel at the Travolution European Summit, Lior Zysman, former CEO of Playtech Israel, as VP of Customers, and Oren Elbaz, former founder of TinyTap (acq. by Animoca Brands), as Joyned’s new Head of Design. Oren will lead the UI/UX development of Joyned Booking during the next phase of growth. Most recently, former VP of Online Travel Companies in EMEA at Amadeus, Sergio Vargas Johansson, was also appointed as Managing Director of Travel.

Since December 2022, Joyned has further enhanced Joyned Booking via three new features, including a new multi-list feature, allowing users to plan multiple holidays simultaneously, an easily accessible trending feature via a new tab on the existing interface and Connected Chat – integrating WhatsApp into the private, collaborative space that their add-on provides. This not only increases traffic, time-on-site and page views, but also creates a satisfying experience for customers, building loyalty in the process. It also empowers travel sites by enabling them to utilise secure and encrypted data on sentiment analysis, price perception and mapping of the group booking customer buying journey.

Joyned’s commitment to innovation has led them to unrivalled success, being the only SaaS solution to offer an off-the shelf collaborative booking solution, with a market traction of half a million people in Europe, Asia, and the US, that have used Joyned to easily book online together.

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