10. Featurespace

Company: Featurespace

Founder: David Excell

Website: https://www.featurespace.com/

About Featurespace


Our world-leading, real-time machine learning product for fraud and financial crime prevention used globally by financial services institutions. Humans are smart. We’re naturally programmed to do Adaptive Behavioral Analytics. We intuitively profile the people we know over time – continually adapting our sense of a normal pattern of behavior for each individual. So if we spot someone behaving out of character, we reach out to help. Featurespace’s smart technology works in exactly the same way. Using our invention – Adaptive Behavioral Analytics – we have been working with the financial services industry as a technology partner to solve a huge problem in financial crime.

Deployed on-premise or via fully hosted cloud in over 180 countries, our ARIC™ (adaptive, real-time, individual, change-identification) Risk Hub models and predicts individual behaviour in real time for fraud prevention and Anti-Money Laundering. This machine learning allows computers – for the first time – to understand when an individual customer’s behavior is out of character and automatically evaluate risk.

The ARIC™ Risk Hub is live and deployed in some of the world’s largest banks, payment processors, merchant acquirers, insurance companies and gaming organizations.

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