9. Thought Machine

Company: Thought Machine

Founder: Paul Taylor

Website: https://www.thoughtmachine.net/

About Thought Machine


Vault Core and Vault Payments are trusted by the world’s leading banks. Core banking and payments technology built natively for the cloud. A modern core banking and payments platform in the cloud – the Vault platform gives banks complete control to build and run any financial product or payment scheme they want. We designed both systems from scratch – giving our clients total choice, flexibility, and power.

Vault Core:

Vault Core is our cloud-native core banking platform, built from scratch to run in the cloud. It is cloud agnostic, giving banks total flexibility to choose the hosting option and provider that best meets their needs.

Using Vault Core, banks can run any product they wish, allowing them to control and shape their strategy as they see fit. It can replicate a bank’s existing back book of products and create entirely new ones, including current and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

Banks have launched products from our Product Library, a catalogue of more than 200 preconfigured financial products, or built products themselves such as buy-now-pay-later offerings, a combined debit and credit card, offset mortgages and much more.

Vault Payments:

Vault Payments is our cloud-native payments processing platform designed to enable banks to run all payment types for every method, scheme, and region in the world.

Vault Payments seamlessly and dynamically embeds new and existing financial products into the payment platform while granting clients complete control over the payment’s life cycle. Vault Payments launched with card issuing and processing support on the Mastercard network.

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