13. HowNow

Company: HowNow

Founder(s): Nelson Sivalingam, Kuvera Sivalingam and Ashish Kumar

Website: https://gethownow.com/

Description: HowNow helps to connect learners to experts via personalised interactive video lessons.




Founded in 2016, HowNow is an EdTech startup based in London, enabling experts to create interactive, personalised courses for those interested in their content. Through its services, experts can teach the topics they know best, provided with everything they need to organise, capture, share and sell their valuable knowledge.

Through HowNow’s services, experts can create the following types of content for their learners:

  • Videos.
  • Webinars.
  • Virtual Classrooms.
  • Articles.
  • Audio.
  • Assessments.

Experts can also assess their learners’ progress and provide certifications for their work. They can also place assessments wherever they’d like throughout their courses to check their learners’ progress at various points.

HowNow’s services also offers built-in Ecommerce and Marketing tools, helping experts to grow their online teaching business. These tools can help experts to price their courses how they want, enabling them to sell in multiple currencies, create unlimited coupons and bundles and more.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the numerous social distancing measures put in place to help tackle it, HowNow offers teaching experiences compatible with current restrictions, able to both create and access content remotely online.

HowNow have raised a total funding amount of $4.5 million over 2 rounds, their latest announced in October of 2019, a Seed Round that raised $3 million.