19. IRIS Audio Technologies

Company: IRIS Audio Technologies

Founders: Tom Darnell, Jacobi Anstruther

Website: https://iris.audio/

About IRIS Audio Technologies


IRIS Audio Technologies (IRIS Audio) is an audio Software-as-a-Service company on a mission to enable the world to Listen Well. Their suite of patented products leverages decades of research into the effects of sound on the brain, prioritising focus, productivity, and wellness. Harnessing the science of sound, IRIS Audio dramatically improves how people experience audio across industries from call centres and public sector, to motor racing and emergency services.

Founded in 2018, IRIS Audio is pioneering the next stage of human-audio digital experiences using software. Core to its guiding ethos is that audio is the forgotten sense. In our lives, audio is central to our behaviour, guiding our moods and productivity constantly. However, despite sound being essential to every interaction, until recently, technology innovation has mainly focused on improving other areas like visuals.

During the pandemic, and the shift to remote working, IRIS Audio’s flagship product, IRIS Clarity, a voice-isolation software, was born. The AI-powered software enables clearer conversations by removing background noise from calls, improving communication. Through product development, its scope for contact centres was identified, where noise can often impede mission-critical communications between agents and customers. The AI model was trained on thousands of types of sound, from crying babies to vacuum cleaners, to background talking and ringing phones.

Earlier this year, despite the global tech turndown leading to plummeting investment, the IRIS Audio team raised $7m in Series A funding to drive its global growth strategy. The round was led by Puma Private Equity and is IRIS Audio’s first external investment.

Further, as a result of IRIS Clarity, noise-related complaints from customers have fallen by 98% (according to a recent IRIS Audio whitepaper), while also reducing stress and burnout among agents – especially as 69% of agents have linked noise to a decline in mental health. The study also found that the length of the calls was reduced by 11%.

Beyond contact centres, in August 2023, IRIS Clarity was used in INDYCAR racing in the US, to eliminate noise from broadcasts in one of the loudest and most extreme sporting environments. Across the 17 races in the US and Canada, the series is broadcast to millions of viewers globally. Looking ahead, the IRIS Audio team will be partnering with some of the biggest names in contact centres to improve transcription accuracy from calls and expand to other audio-centric verticals.

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