20. Tradebyte

Company: Tradebyte

Founder: Matthias Schulte

Website: https://www.tradebyte.com/



About Tradebyte


Founded in 2009, Tradebyte offers an innovative software solution and modern ecosystem for digital commerce that helps more than 1,000 leading brands and fashion retailers such as Asics, Puma, Havaianas and Guess reach their marketplaces across Europe more effectively. Since launch, 6 billion Euros have been transacted via Tradebyte powered connections.

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce platform and network enables brands to unlock potential and grow their reach, seamlessly integrating and selling across Tradebyte’s network of 90+ top fashion and lifestyle marketplaces such as Amazon, Otto and Zalando to attract new customers and increase revenue.

Getting the latest designs and brands to customers ahead of competitors has always been a major challenge for manufacturers and retailers. Picking the right market at the right time or knowing when to expand to a new marketplace is a key element of staying ahead of rivals – even before the digital era. With every second e-commerce pound now spent on marketplaces, the European marketplace industry has undergone substantial change and continues to evolve rapidly. In today’s landscape, access to relevant customer data, an intuitive understanding of the market, relevant experience and knowledge of current trends is critical. When effectively combined, these elements can transform the latest dress, training shoes or accessories into best-selling items.

Tradebyte, part of the Zalando Group since 2016 and with years of substantial digital expertise, offers this data insight, experience and knowledge. DTC is made easy with its TB.One software, offering marketplace business management in a single tool and allowing brands to take full control of their data to elevate their e-commerce business. Core features of the software include:

  • Centralised product data management for effortless product data distribution to the 90+ network of retailers and marketplaces.
  • Intelligent data mapping to organise and align product data with marketplace guidelines for improved search ranking and boosted sales.
  • Insightful dashboards for sales metrics (returns, stock levels, etc.) analysis to identify strategies that amplify product sales.
  • Efficient data enrichment, allowing content to be edited and updated individually or in bulk with TB.One’s mass editing feature.
  • Real-time status updates on errors hindering product sales, and solution suggestions to ensure that products go live without delay.

Tradebyte also provides expert onboarding support and a comprehensive training platform, offering assistance to optimise product data and ensure it’s in the right format. Over and above the SaaS platform, it offers a range of solution services from integration management to support and success management that help in the day to day running of DTC businesses to boost performance and profitability for brands.

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