21. Perkbox

Company: Perkbox

Founder: Saurav Chopra

Website: https://www.perkbox.com/uk

About Perkbox


Support your employees through the rising cost of living. Perkbox is an all-in-one employee rewards and benefits platform that helps you:

  • Provide over 9,000 perks and benefits
  • Reward and recognise employees
  • Give access to curated wellbeing content
  • Centralise company updates and benefits Perkbox is an all-in-one reward and benefits platform designed to support and motivate employees to do their best work, no matter where they are.

We help you create a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) by giving your employees access to perks and benefits, peer-to-peer recognition, employee rewards, wellbeing support, and more!

Available via the web and easy-to-use mobile app, your employees can truly use Perkbox anytime, anywhere. Trusted by over 4,000 companies across over 140 countries and counting, Perkbox gives your business the edge by helping you support your employees wherever they are.

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