22. Globacap

Company: Globacap

Founders: Myles Milston, Alexander Green

Website: www.globacap.com


About Globacap


Globacap is a leading capital markets technology firm that digitises and automates the world’s private capital markets.

Founded in 2017, Globacap delivers a white-label SaaS solution that brings public markets-like efficiency to private markets. The software’s digital workflows enable financial institutions including securities exchanges, securities firms, private banks, and asset managers to accelerate their private market commercial activity while also driving down operating costs.

It streamlines time-consuming processes from issuance, and ongoing administration, through to transferability and settlement of securities, reducing costs and improving efficiency for market intermediaries.

By removing friction in private markets, Globacap is helping to increase the availability of capital through greater access for investors, increasing transaction flow and liquidity, and ultimately unlocking trapped economic growth.

The firm has grown exponentially since launching five years ago and hosts 15 white labels for global institutions including the JSE and Instinet.

Globacap is a scaling fintech that has secured over $30m in funding. Its software has hosted 70+ private placements, executed $350m+ in secondary liquidity with automated settlement, and administers $14bn+ of private securities.

One platform. Next-generation technology. Powerful placement and liquidity management.

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