22. TiPJAR


Company: TiPJAR

Founder(s): James Brown

Website: https://www.wearetipjar.com/

Description: TiPJAR is an award-winning cashless tipping platform.




TiPJAR was founded in 2019 by James Brown, Global MD of Brewdog retail. The platform was developed by hospitality workers to help tipped workers earn more and businesses reward and motivate staff.

As the world moves away from cash, millions of tipped workers have seen their incomes disappear. Tips and “service charges” collected by hospitality operators are complex to pass to staff, and legal and administrative complexity means staff can be left with little or no understanding of how tips have been allocated to them.

TiPJAR enables workers to accept cashless tips directly from their customers. Via a QR code or links embedded in pay-at-table processes, customers can tip via our web app in under 6 seconds. We also offer the world’s first dedicated tipping collection devices for contactless gratuities. Staff may choose to keep tips individually or share tips amongst those working when it is received.

We give customers complete confidence their tip goes to the people who deserve it, tipped workers complete transparency and control, and remove complexity for businesses, as well as driving staff loyalty and performance, and ultimately customer retention and revenue.

TiPJAR is already live in 1200 venues in the UK and Ireland, and is in advanced live beta trials in the USA. Pilot sites are already agreed and will be launching in the coming months in Germany, Sweden, Australia, France, Spain and the Middle East.

Alongside James, TiPJAR’s team includes experienced entrepreneurs from hospitality, fintech and consulting, including Chair Alex Moore (co-founder Rosa’s Thai Café), CFO Tom Kristensen (former CFO at Rosa’s Thai Café and Analyst at Investec), CTO Paul Stancer (former Head of Global Integration at World Remit), and CEO Ben Thomas (co-founder of Coachmatch/Wondrous), alongside board advisors Gary Dolman (co-founder of Monzo) and Simon Bocca (co-founder of Fourth, one of the largest SAAS businesses in hospitality).

The system has been designed to the highest standards of legal and financial compliance, and recently received clearance from HMRC, making TiPJAR the only system in the UK through which staff can collect and share cashless tips without operators needing to implement complex and costly systems.

The startup continue to innovate and recently announced a pioneering alliance with payments ecosystem Trilo, to create the world’s first Open Banking tipping solution.

Driven by TiPJAR’s purpose to do good and with potential to have a transformative impact on the lives of workers who rely on tips, TiPJAR ranks as one of the most exciting SaaS businesses in the UK today.