23. Vizolution


Company: Vizolution

Founder(s): Bill Safran

Website: https://www.vizolution.com/

Description: Helping to enhance remote customer experiences via its platform’s range of capabilities.




Founded in 2013, Vizolution is on a mission to facilitate engaging and immersive face-to-face experiences remotely. Their market-leading tech has helped enterprises in a number of industries to untangle the complications surrounding customer journeys – developing these into more streamline, effortless experiences by bringing intrinsically face-to-face qualities to the virtual communications experience.

Vizolutions products help businesses to equip their staff with valuable digital tools, helping them to collect signatures (electronically), explain products and exchange documents as easily as if they were together in-person. Through Vizolution’s platform, users can…

  • Visually present materials.
  • Exchange documents.
  • Securely verify identity.
  • Collect e-Signatures.
  • Co-browse.
  • Video call.

Through such solutions, businesses can improve their conversion rates, their efficiency and their compliance.

Vizolution’s solutions are used in 13 different countries by 33 global enterprises. The company is headquartered in Wales, and is backed by some impressive names, including RBS, HSBC, Santander Consumer Finance, Notion Capital and Development Bank of Wales.

So far, Vizolution have raised £17.8 million over the course of 6 funding rounds.