24. Sideways6

Company: Sideways6

Founder(s): Will Read

Website: https://www.sideways6.com/

Description: Sideways6 is an idea management platform, making it easier for employees to share their ideas, helping businesses to thrive.




Founded in 2014, Sideways6 is on a mission to help businesses grow and develop through the help of their employees’ ideas.

The platform helps employees to have a voice in the business, not only helping staff to have more of an engaged and interactive experience with the companies they work for, but then also helping businesses to thrive off of the valuable insights they produce. Reports show that the businesses who pay attention to their employees’ ideas experience a lower staff turnover and are more profitable.

Companies often face the challenge of not only encouraging employees to bring their ideas forward, but also developing these ideas into productive, positive outcomes. Sideways6 was built specifically to address these challenges.

Through Sideways6, businesses can capture their employees ideas from the tools they know and use the most. The platform can also help users to manage these ideas, and help bring the best ones to life.

Over the last 7 years, Sideays6 have reached 4.1 million employees, with 600,000 ideas shared and a business impact of $250 million.

So far, Sideways6 have raised a total funding amount of £500,000, raised over 1 funding round announced in April 2017.