26. Alectro


Company: Alectro

Founder(s): Bertie I. and Tim Geller

Website: https://alectro.io/

Description: Alectro is a SaaS product built to act as a Virtual Sustainability Officer.




Co-founders Tim and Bertie met at Cambridge studying for a masters in nuclear engineering in 2018. A subject the two had both chosen wanting to speed the transition to a low carbon economy in the face of climate change. Both Tim and Bertie saw that mega-projects such as nuclear power stations are government responses which help at a macro level.

When entering the business-world after this, the co-founders saw there was a real challenge for individual companies to be able to take individual action at a micro level. Merging Bertie’s background working with technology companies, and Tim’s work with energy and waste reductions, the two entrepreneurs founded Alectro based on their unique experiences.

Alectro was founded in 2019, and since then has built the MVP Platform. Whilst business development was difficult during COVID-19 Alectro were able to launch from their work with London Fintech Moneybox a stream of new clients in 2020.

Alectro helps to supercharge sustainability and act as a launchpad for companies to behave more sustainably.

Alectro can empower every single company around the world to measure their carbon footprint, to automatically generate actions to improve it, to communicate their goals effectively, and to become carbon-neutral.

The co-founders’ vision is to empower every organisation to become carbon neutral so that they can be climate champions for this generation and the next. Their mission is to supercharge sustainability and offset 1 million tonnes of carbon by 2030.

Within the 1.5 years of operating and initially working on the product part time, Tim and Bertie have achieved a number of significant achievements.

Alectro are the first UK technology partner to the United Nations’ initiative, Climate Neutral Now. The team have achieved strong traction working with some of the UK’s top start-ups such as Moneybox, but also displaying industry agnosticism by working with companies ranging from 200-year-old Royal Societies, through to traditional services companies, and operational companies with large fleets of vehicles.

Alectro also have a 0% churn rate in current clients, and a pipeline to double clients in the first 6 months of their investment cycle.

The startup are also a Tech Nation Founder’ Network Member.

This year Alectro are raising their pre-seed raise of £250,000, and plan to hire their front and back end engineering team to develop their go to market platform. The startup have already received 50% of their round from a London based venture fund.

Alectro’s aim in year 1, after development of their beta platform, is to meet their yearly target of 30 new clients and become a one to watch in the national press.