27. HomeHero


Company: HomeHero

Founder(s): Kenny Alegbe and Mooktakim Ahmed

Website: https://www.homehero.co.uk/

Description: HomeHero OS is a unique AI-powered platform for property managers to provide an exceptional living experience for residents.




HomeHero’s platform brings your home services together into one easy-to-use app. This means taking things off residents’ hands like setting up utilities from day one and having internet live by the time they enter their new home. Any maintenance or repairs issues? Residents just log a request in the app. Need anything else, like a deep clean, or home insurance? HomeHero has it covered.

HomeHero’s founder Kenny Alegbe is on a mission to make running a home easy in order to free up people’s time and headspace for what really matters in life. The idea came out of his frustrations with the process of moving into a property and imagining a new reality where it would be as simple as checking into a hotel, and calling room service when help is needed.

Alegbe has raised £4million+ to date and the company is embarking on a Series A round this year to introduce the app to even more homes in the UK.

HomeHero currently works with property managers and residents across the country, with a current focus on improving the rental experience in the first instance. It creates efficiencies and revenue streams for property managers, and a great living experience for tenants.

As well as a dashboard that brings together all your home bills in one place, the app offers a chat functionality to easily report issues and communicate with your landlord. You can also message your “personal hero” for help with any questions from “Where do I take my recycling?” to “What are my local restaurants?”. If you want to personalise your space, just log a request in the app and your landlord or property manager will get back to you quickly.

The challenge of the pandemic saw HomeHero making the move to embrace fully remote working, to great effect. They also managed to grow from an organisation of 20 to 60+ during lockdown and receive national recognition in The Times for their focus on fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

2021 is a big growth year for HomeHero in homes across the UK, with the release of their app in the App Store and the team already looking to introduce new features such as the ability to book handymen through the app and arrange insurance packages.