28. Black Swan Data

Company: Black Swan Data

Founder(s): Hugo Amos & Steve King

Website: https://www.blackswan.com/

Description: Bringing next generation data insights and predictive analytics to the world of consumer research




Act smarter. Act faster. Act first. This was the big idea born in a Toronto bar over a beer.

Black Swan Data uses artificial intelligence to transform consumer research. They aim to create better outcomes using predictive technology and advanced data science.

They help brands yield more valuable data, offering insights and solutions to help their businesses stay ahead of the rest of the market. Using public and private data, they are able to thoroughly analyse consumer behaviour and build advanced predictive models.

Using AI to unlock the power of Social data we understand and predict consumer trends, empowering global brands to act smarter and faster to get to market first.

Launched in 2011, they went in big, with Disney as their first ever client, predicting their box office sales. Since then they have worked with a huge volume of high profile clients and been named the Sunday Times ‘One to Watch’, the Sunday Times #1 fastest growing Start-Up and the 6th fastest growing European SME in the Financial Times 1000.

Since establishing in the UK in 2011, they have expanded to the United States, South Africa and Hungary.

Since 2011, we’ve placed nests in the UK, Hungary, the US, and South Africa. We’re data scientists, developers, insights consultants, analysts, designers, engineers, and marketeers. But first, we’re entrepreneurs, driven by making the impossible possible. We believe in moving fast and breaking new ground. Using the most sophisticated data science and AI techniques around, our game-changing products and solutions are helping global companies answer tough questions.

Their most recent funding series was Series B with a value of $9M.