27. Detectify

Company: Detectify

Founders: Rickard Carlsson, Fredrik Nordberg Almroth, Johan Edholm, David Hallenius

Website: https://detectify.com

About Detectify


Starting from an idea of a group of security and IT nerd friends to an industry-challenger global SaaS security company, Detectify offers a cloud-based External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform that streamlines asset discovery and vulnerability assessments for Product Security and AppSec teams. With the unique asset of a network of elite ethical hackers, Detectify sources the latest security research from hacker-to-scanner in as fast as 15 minutes and delivers reliable payload-based testing to its global customer base.

Critical capabilities are missing from DAST (and similar tooling), and AppSec teams feel the pinch as their tech stacks and development methodologies continue to evolve. With Detectify, learn how traditional web application scanners are not helping AppSec teams achieve their goals and how this can be resolved with the help of External Attack Surface Management.

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