28. CybSafe

Company: CybSafe

Founder: Oz Alashe

Website: https://www.cybsafe.com/

About CybSafe


CybSafe does what most only claim to do—lower your human cyber risk. It’s the award-winning, cloud-based software built on the understanding that traditional security awareness and training (SA&T) doesn’t influence security behaviours.

CybSafe educates, nudges, and supports your people, and gives you both measurable change and measurable value. Traditional security awareness is dead: the most scientific way to provide personalized guidance, nudges, and training that influences security behaviors, reduces risk, and helps you achieve compliance—all at once. The scientific approach to reducing risky phishing behaviors: the most data-driven way to reduce phishing and ransomware risk. Run phishing simulations that tell you why and when people click—and do it with minimal friction.

Quantify employee risk, orchestrate your response: leverage risk data across your entire organization, automate security interventions, and set up intelligent workflows triggered by behavior events and security incidents. It’s behaviour event intelligence, as it should be. CybSafe has extensive integration options for security solutions and IAM providers. Our open APIs can ingest data and export it to other tools in your technology stack.

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